The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11 eBook ó

The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11 eBook ó After three years out of the LAPD, Harry Bosch returns to find the department a different place from the one he left A new police chief has been brought in from New York to give the place a thorough clean up from top to bottom Working with his former partner, Kiz Rider, Harry is assigned to the department s Open Unsolved Unit, working on the thousands of cold cases that haunt the LAPD s files These detectives are the Closers They put a shovel in the dirt and turn over the past By applying new techniques to old evidence they aim to unearth some hidden killers and bring them to justice, for a city that forgets its murder victims is a city lost Harry and Kiz are given a politically sensitive case when a DNA match connects a white supremacist to themurder of Rebecca Verloren, a sixteen year old girl Becky was of mixed race, and the case appears to have a racial angle This was LA before the riots and Rodney King, when the city was a powder keg waiting for a match The detectives who worked the case all those years ago seem to have done a decent job, but something doesn t fit Meanwhile Harry s nemesis, Deputy Chief Irving, is watching him In the new clean LAPD Irving has been sidelined to a meaningless job Compelled by vengeance, he hopes Harry will make a slip This text refers to the Audio CD edition

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