Beach Bum: Gay YA Fiction PDF ☆ Gay YA ePUB ☆

Beach Bum: Gay YA Fiction PDF ☆ Gay YA  ePUB ☆ Charlie Powell doesnt dateUntil he meets Bryce DavenportBryce Davenport writes appointments in a day planner, pays attention in class, and tries his best at anything he does And his name is Bryce Davenport, which is pretty pretentiousCharlie should find him repulsive, but Bryce is sweet and bossy and a million things that make Charlies heart beat a little faster and his palms sweatThe problem Bryce has goals and ambitions Charlie spends his days lounging at the beach Bryce plays sports and loves staying busy Smoking marijuana probably isnt a sport, but Charlie would excel at it if it was Can the beach bum find his happily ever after with the perfect guy or will it all go up in smoke This is a coming of age story that features romance, humor, and growing up It s also super gay

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