10 thoughts on “Collected Poems and Prose

  1. Sparrow Sparrow says:

    This singular book presents pieces that are not exactly poetry, fiction, doodles, essays, or anything else I ve ever read They are quite successful, and never seem FINISHED The obese starsDumb stones dumb lumps of lightBefore the gasp before theyBefore they gaspAnd spit out their last bloo

  2. Derek Emerson Derek Emerson says:

    Pinter won the Nobel prize for literature, but likely the focus was on his plays This collection of poems and prose is good, but uneven The poetry is stronger than the prose, which is experimental and now alsys successful.

  3. Colin Bruce Anthes Colin Bruce Anthes says:

    Pinter s early poems are good, but his later poems are phenomenal Amongst his prose, the anecdotal Mac about the actor manager Anew McMaster is funny, deeply felt, and unforgettable.

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