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Il cane nero ePUB ↠ Il cane  PDF \ Hardcover Illuglio , nella sua dimora tra le tranquille colline del Kent, Winston Churchill si sveglia di buon ora e si ritrova in compagnia di una vecchia conoscenza, un ospite tutt altro che gradito un gigantesco cane nero e, dal buio del suo angolo, non gli toglie gli occhi di dosso Qualche ora pi tardi, nella sua casetta a schiera, la giovane Esther si prepara ad accogliere un aspirante inquilino Le basta per scorgerne la sagoma attraverso il vetro della porta per inorridire il cane nero e ha in mente un solo obiettivo installarsi a casa sua Invadente, impertinente, a tratti maligno, all occorrenza il cane nero sa dar prova di un carisma irresistibile Fiuta le sue vittime, ne addenta le coscienze, gioca sadicamente con i loro destini, ma pu anche essere una presenza seducente che riempie la giornata Il cane nero affronta con leggerezza e ironia il tema del lutto e della perdita, e non ha paura di raccontarne gli aspetti pi dolorosi Quello che ci restituisce un romanzo umano e profondo, che mette a nudo tutte le ambiguit del rapporto tra la depressione e le sue vittime, i silenzi, la vergogna, ma anche un potente annuncio di speranza, l invito a resistere eroicamente, a vedere nel male oscuro del nostro tempo una battaglia che si comincia a vincere nel momento stesso in cui si accetta di combatterla

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  1. Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater says:

    Five Things About Mr Charwell 1 If I tell you this is a book about depression, you won t want to read it At least, I wouldn t want to read it Depression is real, yes, but depression also tends to be static it clogs and slows and dilutes its victim Which makes for boring fiction So I won t tell you that this book is about depression because it s not very true, anyway I will instead tell you that this book is about Winston Churchill, which

  2. Sue Sue says:

    Rebecca Hunt has created an interesting novel set in 1964 featuring Winston Churchill, in the days before his final retirement, Esther Hammerhans, a librarian at the House of Commons, and a Black Dog Of course this isn t just any dog but Churchill s black dog of depression that has been with him for much of his life I am tempted to say the dog has been anthropomorphized but can that refer to dogs Well perhaps there is some other term but I

  3. Laura Laura says:

    4.5 stars I need to write adetailed review of this later Suffice it to say it s a fantastic read and no idea why the GR rating on this is low If you ve ever experienced depression, you ll love this book evenA fantastic exploration of depression s effects through the use of Winston Churchill and a Black Dog Terrific read, and a first novel amazing.

  4. Gina Gina says:

    This was a tricky one for me I thought it was funny and very moving I really liked it But My apologies to Mr Churchill, but the black dog metaphor just doesn t work for me Depression as an annoyance, an uninvited guest who shows up and bugs you, chewing rocks and whispering in your ear, crushing your chest and hogging the bed just misses something Depression is so all encompassing and I ve found that it s very internal as well It s not a visit

  5. Felice Felice says:

    Going into Mr Chartwell you should know that Winston Churchill suffered with depression throughout his adult life and referred to depression as the black dog Got it Now you are ready to read one of theoriginal novels I ve read in a long time The title character in Mr Chartwell is that black dog Or something very like a dog Mr Chartwell is 6 7 , smelly, and resembles a black Labrador He has quite a few human characteristics he speaks English, wal

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This novel is based around a simple conceit Winston Churchill s depression, which he referred to as his black dog, is not metaphorical but actual He is, in fact, an enormous creature variously called Mr Chartwell or Black Pat who haunts both Churchill and Esther Hammerhans, a widowed library clerk at Westminster Palace, who has her own depression to fight off as the second anniversary of her husband s suicide nears.There are clever elements here,

  7. Sherril Sherril says:

    I listened to the audiobook edition of Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt As is my habit, I added it to my library list of books that are available in the audio format way before I got the audiobook from the library. I only wish I could remember how this book came to my attention In my opinion, the most important component of an audiobook is the reader performer, narrator Mr Chartwell was read by Susan Duerden and she had the perfect clipped British accen

  8. Brooke Brooke says:

    hm Well This book was an interesting take on depression Rebecca Hunt uses the figure of a large, black, beastly dog over turning and overtaking people s lives to attempt to illustrate the despair and life owning horror that is depression I really thought the imagery et al was interesting and fresh I like the language of her writing, but was often bored and slogging through I was determined to finish reading and I did, but it was difficult.Readhere hm

  9. Lady Delacour Lady Delacour says:

    Picked this book because of the narrator.Started listening not having a clueto what the story was about.What a pleasant, laugh out loud, treat Really enjoyed the creativity of the author.Narrator Susan Duerdenbrings each character to life.Clean with a little mild Foul Language.

  10. Blair Blair says:

    Mr Chartwell centres around a single idea, though it s admittedly quite a striking one based on Winston Churchill s famous description of his depression as the black dog , it imagines the physical incarnation of depression as an actual, huge, walking occasionally on hind legs and talking, black dog, the Mr Chartwell of the title We see how the presence of the dog Black Pat, as he decides to call himself affects two characters Churchill himself, facing th

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