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Paperback  » The Maze PDF í Anatolia,A retreating Greek brigade has lost its way Pursued by a Turkish army seeking vengeance for three years of Greek occupation, and commanded by a brigadier with a passion for Greek mythology and an addiction to morphia, the brigade s only chance of salvation is to reach the Mediterranean coast and sail home As the army wanders through the Anatolian desert, their internal divisions become pronounced and their dementias florid Eventually they reach a small town, up until now untouched by the war, which is run by a simple minded mayor and is peopled by a gallery of wonderfully strange characters When the soldiers leave at last, a tragedy has taken place and the town has changed forever

10 thoughts on “The Maze

  1. Tea Jovanović Tea Jovanović says:

    I fell in love with this author after I reviewed his first book Little Infamies collection of stories But since on Serbian market short stories doesn t sell well, I had to give up my wish to acquire the rights That was in 2004 And

  2. Lila Dimaki Lila Dimaki says:


  3. Anthony Panegyres Anthony Panegyres says:

    After a slow start, the pacing and colour picked up once the focus moved to the Anatolian village Shades of Graham Greene and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

  4. Keith Silver Keith Silver says:

    I came across this book by chance among used books at a charity fundraiser in Athens The book jacket piqued my interest as it described the story of a Greek Expeditionary Force retreating from Asia Minor in 1922 Unfamiliar with the Gr

  5. Deb Deb says:

    A lost brigade of Greek soldiers led by a morphine addicted Brigadier is trying to find their way out of the desert in Asia Minor at the end of the war with the Turks It is 1922, the war is over, the Greeks have surrendered, and the br

  6. John Boyages John Boyages says:

    I enjoyed reading this book I discovered this author from an easy read section of the Oxford Library and after liking the convent so much, I decided to try one of his earlier books Read it in about a day.Good story line, links to histor

  7. Scott Scott says:

    Overall, this book was an interesting dive into a culture and time that I knew nothing about I found myself in the hot geography of Asia Minor with the retreating Greek Army The story itself was enjoyable, but his use of the language was

  8. Irwan Irwan says:

    A novel with a feeling of a short story The setting and the characters are well written such that I could immerse myself in the realm of the story The plot is quite unpredictable I didn t know where the story was going and ended up quite

  9. Lydia Lydia says:

    This book grabbed me right away, which was surprising since I expected to be put off by the subject matter But the characters in their exasperating yet somehow endearing near lunacy captured my imagination and sympathy Among other things,

  10. Moureco Moureco says:

    O primeiro livro de Panos Karnezis que li Muito engra ado, algo de m tico nesta mem ria da guerra motivada por um desejo de uma Grande Gr cia que se seguiu I Guerra Mundial E que redundou numa Grande Desgra a grega, com Ermirna completament

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