The Sheikh's Impetuous Love-Slave MOBI ✓ The

The Sheikh's Impetuous Love-Slave MOBI ✓ The Arabia, For Sheikh Khalid al Raqam, choosing a bride comes second to the responsibility of ruling his kingdom and protecting its treasures When he is given a shipwrecked foreign beauty as a tribute gift, he foresees a diplomatic nightmare until he lays eyes on Juliette de Montignac s lush curves His passion is only roused further by her bold and defiant spirit His inner conqueror awakened, Khalid is determined to tame Juliette awakening her own desire for him Book one of the Princes of the Desert series

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  1. Lelyana Lelyana says:

    Julitte di culik orang2 Tribald buat jadi upeti ke Prince Khalid dari Arab,entah di kerajaan yang mana deh image error Pokok nya si Prince ini super keren image error , bikin si Juliette yg bete karena di culik jadi gak teralu takut lagi Walaupun awal nya menolak dan melawanmau juga dia dengan setengah terpaksa di jadiin hak milik sang Pangeran.Khalid in the other hand, bukan typikal sheik2 yang punya harem dan punya koleksi ratusan perempuandia bahkan gak punya sama sekali, Julitte di culik orang2 Tri

  2. Aayesha Khatri Aayesha Khatri says:

    3.7 wonderfully sweet stars Marguerite Kaye is now my new favourite author I adore her heroines and her heroes, her cute, fluffy and sweet stories I m going to read onebook by her and, if I love that one too, I m going to go and officially become a fan of her on her GR page I love this woman.This story was a short, adorably sweet read yeah, I gave it a lower rating because it was too short I loved the heroine right from the beginning, with her feisty innocence, her pride, her prac 3.7 wonderfully sweet stars

  3. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    This was a very short and cute read I would give it a high 3 1 2 but a 4 star is the closest I do love my sheikh romance so compare to the other sheikh books I read this was like a light version This story reminds me of a historial read that I have read a couple years back, familiar to how Juliette was captured and given to the sheikh in a rug rolled up Khalid and Juliette story was very romantic and sweet, the relationship they developed and there mutual interest in history, the book had it This was a very short an

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Princes of the Desert

  5. the.bookish.princess the.bookish.princess says:


  6. Inka Inka says:


  7. Maura Maura says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Juliette is unrolled from a rug, dumped at Prince Khalid s feet and offered as a gift Prince Khalid has no idea what to do with the demanding and impudent, although beautiful woman, except take her to the harem.which is empty Then he discovers her love of archeology and they bond as friends But a Prince is expected to marry for alliances, so they may not have much of a future Very short It s hard to create fully fleshed out characters with deep motivations in so li

  8. Channell Daniels Channell Daniels says:

    Fun lighthearted quickly Quick leadTo do with the littlesubstance it was a quick read hum I want to know a lot of these things are they are they true or false a lot of the plots lot of the statementa so you tell me it was nice to have something different in lighthearted is the first time ever read this kind of a novel I know this is a romance novel but you seemed to have conversations that will be having that like a lot of diplomatic enundos on things that would cause conflict and conflic Fun lighthearted quickly Quick leadTo do with the littlesubsta

  9. Risana Risana says:

    I really tried but I found this story a bit rapey, especially after the main male character decided to forcibly give this girl he d only moments ago met, a bath Then I d had it I did not enjoy or find any part of this even remotely romantic or moving except toward the emotions of anger and horror This was my first book by this author and I am wary of new authors for this same betrayal of my mind so I will not be trying another.We really need to start expectingfrom this genre.

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