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Guerrilla Creativity  PDF/EPUB ¿ Guerrilla Creativity The guru of the Guerrilla Marketing series, which has sold than one million copies, shows small business owners how to cut through the clutter of new information with simple, powerful ideas that customers will find irresistible.Today, with than four thousand marketing messages assailing consumers daily, it is important than ever to create an original, appealing, and memorable message Marketer extraordinaire Jay Conrad Levinson shows readers how to craft such messages using memes simple symbols that represent complex ideas Memes can be words, such as Lean Cuisine or Remember the Alamo, or they can be images, such as the Red Cross or Betty Crocker They can even be actions, like drenching a victorious coach with a barrelful of Gatorade The best memes can propel a product or service to the pinnacle of success As no other book has done before, GUERILLA CREATIVITY shows how even someone who doesn t consider himself creative can make memes that work Using a variety of examples of memes both good and bad, Levinson guides readers step by step through the process of fashioning marketing materials that result in increased sales, savings, market share, and profits Along the way he reveals the fifty reasons people buy things, the ten biggest marketing myths, ways to make your message instill hope, surprise, and urgency, and many wise, surprising notions that readers can readily translate into profits.

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