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Gridlock Epub í Hardcover Set on the streets of LA, a non stop, action packed thriller featuring elite body guard Ryan LockAdult movie actress, Raven Lane, is one of the most lusted after women in California, with millions of fans to prove it But none seem to be dedicated in their pursuit of her than the murderous stalker who is carving a demonic swathe across the streets of Los Angeles in an apparent bid to get her attentionFearing for her life, and with the LAPD seemingly unable to protect her, Raven turns to elite bodyguard, Ryan Lock for help But with suspicion settling on Raven herself, Lock finds himself drawn into a deadly web of deceit and seductionEvents spiral swiftly out of control, as those closest to Lock begin to pay a bloody price for his involvement Soon Lock is bent on revenge As the hunted turns hunter, the blood soaked streets of LA are about to get a whole lot bloodier From the Trade Paperback edition

10 thoughts on “Gridlock

  1. itchy itchy says:

    i wonder what lengths black had to go through in researching this.p222 raven, you writing me back has been about the best thing that s happened to me in my hole shitty life so far.

  2. Linda Lpp Linda Lpp says:

    Another great book in the series The events just kept happening, with little time to prepare for the next I will be starting the next book when I can slow down the rate of my breathing The racing of my heart Get my head around the Oh No thoughts How will the series carry on With the same type of action Black has laid out before us in the past I suspect Ok I can breathe now.but do I dare My heart is beating n

  3. Cheryl Jewhurst Cheryl Jewhurst says:

    Great story Kept me up turning pages Not too happy about the ending though Good thing I had seen some spoilers about the end because if I hadn t I would have been devastated Better to have had time to prepare for really sad ending I m loving this series and Ryan is really growing on me Moving on to Book 4 now But would like to know what happened to Angel

  4. Best Crime Books & More Best Crime Books & More says:

    I read Sean Blacks first and second books and absolutely loved them Ryan Lock is an ex military bodyguard who has worked private security and has now set up his own company that can be called upon for any type of job He has a partner Ty Johnson who is an ex marine who Ryan met whilst in Iraq Together they make a formidable team and seem unafraid to take on any type of work.In this book, Ryan and Ty are asked to work for fam

  5. Gerald Sinstadt Gerald Sinstadt says:

    Ryan Lock is a close protection operative, a former member of Britain s Royal Corps of Military Police now working in the United States In Los Angeles, he is hired by Raven Lane, a performer in the adult entertainment industry aka porn movies Raven is being stalked People she has been in contact with are being gruesomely murdered The LAPD are on the case which only makes harder the protection for which Lock and his partner are empl

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    Grid Lock is an fast paced, action packed murder mystery chock full of mayhem and twists and turns.Raven Lane, one of the porn industries premiere girls, is being stalked and the most recent threat to her pushes her to seekprotection that just what the police can offer She hires on Lock and Ty, who make it their business to provide protection to those that can afford their services What starts out as a pretty run of the mill job, quickly t

  7. Huda Sarkowi Huda Sarkowi says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I m sorry I have to deduct 1 star from this fine book I m not happy when Carrie, Ryan Lock s fiancee whom I came to love since the second book DIED in this book Sorry for the spoiler I like her,she was the least possessive and dependable female character I ve ever encountered in a book But understandably, I assumed in the next book, Ryan Lock s character will surely ch

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    Lots of suspense in this novel It s about a porn star who has a stalker and hires a body guard to keep her and her brother safe It s a real life roller coaster ride for her as the stalker tries to get closer to her.

  9. Steve Isenhower Steve Isenhower says:

    The Ryan Lock series is very, very good and this was the best one of the series a serious twist toward the end that was unexpected but handled very well Great books.

  10. Tyson Adams Tyson Adams says:

    That moment when you recognise an actor actress but can t admit it.Adult film star Raven Lane has a stalker Not the leave flowers kind of stalker, the kind that leaves bodies in the back of your car The police are only mildly interested in catching someone killing people in the adult industry, so Raven hires Lock and Ty Ryan Lock reluctantly takes the job, sensing that something is off about it all There is In the worst way possible.It has been a while since I ve read an

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