10 thoughts on “The Sheriff

  1. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    HR, or any romance, depends on a formula, that much we know However, there are writers who rise above the formula and Nan Ryan is not one of them at least in this book When you treat the formula formulaically then it makes for a big waste of time The couple was stodgy cardboard, t

  2. Michelle Connolly Michelle Connolly says:

    I thought I was really going to like this one, but it just turned out to be an OK book for me It was really good at first, but then I found it lacking depth and passion regarding the characters so called love for each other You get a glimpse of it a couple of times, but it seems like noth

  3. Camille Camille says:

    Despite what the back of the book says and consequently any site that has this book s description the heroine s name is Kate VanNam not Kate Quinn and the hero s last name is spelled McCloud throughout the novel not McLoud What s scary is this is not the first book I ve bought where names and oth

  4. Pikolina Pikolina says:

    La historia iba bastante bien, pero es que el final me ha parecido tan facil n y tan precipitado, que me ha chafado un poco el resto Si hubiera alargado un poco la cosa, hubiera estado mejor rematada, pero a n as , sta mujer es digna de ser leida.

  5. Galena Sanz Galena Sanz says:

    Una historia que empieza con una ambientaci n buena, pausada pero que se precipita en su final y que incluye numerosas escenas de sexo una detr s de otra en ese final que consiguen que la historia pierda un poco de su sentido, sea floja, breve y ha terminado por no gustarme mucho.

  6. Liz Liz says:

    Too slow for me.

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