How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper PDF/EPUB

How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper PDF/EPUB From the night when the Irish government guaranteed the debts of Irish banks in September , to Novemberwhen heavy hitters from the IMF and the ECB arrived in government buildings , Ireland was on a one way road to ruinIn How Ireland Really Went Bust Matt Cooper, journalist, broadcaster and Nobestselling author of Who Really Runs Ireland , describes the tumultuous events of that period and he assesses the fall out and what it means for Ireland s futureDrilling deep into the economic collapse and the unprecedented political upheaval that characterised the time after the bank bailout and led to a game changing general election, Cooper gets to the heart of what really happened He investigates the background of the key decisions and reveals why they were taken, and by whom, to throw new light on a period that has changed Ireland foreverFinally, Cooper sees signs that all is not lost though we may have sunk to our lowest ebb as an economic entity, he sees glimmers of promise in a new breed of business leaders and political activists who see this as a time when Ireland can change for the better

10 thoughts on “How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper

  1. Seamus Enright Seamus Enright says:

    Very detailed and coherent, fair minded account of how Ireland got into the horrible mess it s in right now It s remarkable that he was able to write it by the end of 2011, the final year covered by the book The main quibble I have is that while it s generally readable he makes few concessions to people who aren t from a business economics accounting background

  2. Brian Bailie Brian Bailie says:

    Well researched chronicle of the self serving bungles and blunders that led up to the crash.I ve read a few books on this subject, and this book puts things into clear perspective.Objective, blunt, and well written

  3. James McDonald James McDonald says:

    V good account of the events during the GFC in Ireland 2008 and the fallout after.

  4. Gar Gar says:

    Good read on how the Irish economy crashed.

  5. Andy Andy says:

    be thick skinned,well worth the read,still not finished it.

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