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!!> KINDLE ❄ Dackelblick ❁ Author Frauke Scheunemann – Sunkgirls.info Hercules Is A Dachshund, And His New Mistress Caroline Is The Greatest Human Being On Earth She S The One Who Rescued Him From The Animal Shelter, Who Smells Of Summer And Strawberries, And Who Laughs When The Little Pup Snuggles Up With Her On The Sofa So When Caroline Is Badly Treated By Her Bossy, Dog Hating Boyfriend, Hercules Decides It S High Time He Rescued His Mistress For A Change And So Begins An Epic Quest To Find His Favourite Woman The Perfect Man Touching, Original, And Very Funny, Puppy Love Is A Story About Love, Life, And The Best Friend A Girl Could Ever Have. Actually 3.5 stars.This was a romantic contemporary way out of my usual haunt But if there s a book with an animal as the narrator and an assurance that they don t die, god knows I ll be reading it This was also translated from German just to mix it up even way to find one that s out there Emily pats self on back So to the actual review I absolutely ADORED Hercules voice He was snarky and loving and joyful and earnest and plain old adorable I honestly wish there were books with Hercules, just because I want of his narration I kinda want him as a voice in my head commenting on my daily life that s not creepy is it Nah, I m fine The story itself was decent, although it really moved around a lot It was good it kept me on my toes, but there never seemed to be a solid plot line to follow I feel like if I was trying to explain it to someonone it d just be like So there s this guy she works with that might like and then her best friend dates her vet and then she gets hit on by a famous actor and then she might love her work partner but then she might also date her vet after her best friend breaks up with him and then she might love the actor but then she might go back to her work partner but then she might go back to the vet etc etc etc A little bit too all over the place for my liking On the good side though, I wasn t sure who she was going to end up with because she was changing her mind every 30 seconds a very indecisive main character I admit that annoyed me quite a bit.The side characters made a strong impact as well I found Willi and Daniel to be absolutely fantastic, but I spent about 35% of this book wanting to smash Nina in the face with a dog toy I still haven t figured out what I thought of Beck yet Will take further consideration.This is one of the first books I ve read that is translated, so I think I had to get used to having some of the finer nuances slip through the cracks the writing seemed a tad simplistic at times.The ending also seemed very abrupt, like she had a 300 page limit and she had to squeeze everything in 296 pages in a hurry I definitely would ve liked a full ending, or at the very least an epilogue Honestly, this book gets an automatic 3 stars because the writing from a dog s perspective was just so cool I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how we live from a puppy s point of view, all the innocence and confusion at some of our little quirks I m glad I read this if for no other reason than to spice it up Also, DOGGIES okay I ll see myself out Now this was a cute and loveable book Told by Hercules, or Carl Leopold von Eschersbach as he insists he is called with Hercules conversing daily with Mr Beck, the fat, aged cat who is also in residence, it has a distinct charm to it.Carl Leopold is not a pedigree, as his mother had an affair, so no pedigree, no sale Abandoned at the Animal Centre, he was pining for the way of life he was used to Then Caroline came along, and fell for his charms, and suddenly he had a new mistress Along with Caroline, there was Mr Beck, and Daniel a human who was Caroline s partner in business, and Thomas another human Thomas was a horrible human though, and so Hercules as Caroline named him and Mr Beck put their heads together to get rid of him He was making Caroline unhappy, and Hercules couldn t stand that So Hercules job is to find Caroline the perfect man, so he could have a master AND a mistress But boy, working out these humans has him in loads of trouble Join Hercules as he puts all his dachshund wiles to the test, as he succeeds and fails at what he sets himself to do The cute cover was why I bought this book, and the fact that the story is also a loveable one, made it well worthwhile I m very glad I read it, and I would recommend it to anyone who feels like a light, humerous read Love it Two words Cuteness overload Aww, this was so so adorable And not just because of the cover which I wanted to pet every single second LOL But the whole story is cute Herkulus, a sausage dog, tries to find the right man for his mum mistress or whatever with his new best friend Herr Beck, a cat You can imagine how funny this story is Because somehow Carolin, Herkules new mum, has a different taste when it comes to man then Herkules LOLWhat I like about that book is the writing style and all the funny moments I love how the book is told through the eyes of a sausage dog Herkules wonders about humans, how they act and what not The dialogues between him and Beck are sometimes to die for Frauke Scheunemann, part of Anne Hertz, is totally able to pull off a story of her own And I really hope she ll write something that funny and cute again soon Because I want And I want a Herkules for my own.

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