10 thoughts on “Available Light

  1. X-ray Iris X-ray Iris says:

    a longtime favorite best book i ever pulled from a remainder bin, all unknowing of what a great knack for dialogue she has funny and dark, romantic and realistic a comfort of a book, a true favorite

  2. Marsha Laney Marsha Laney says:

    This was a strange novel All the preoccupation with babies and pregnancy coupled with bizarre characters left me feeling unsure of the authors intent Loneliness, unrequited passion and insistence on having a a vicious dog as a main character were on the tip of the iceburg in this trainwreck of a book It took me well over two w

  3. Peggymca Peggymca says:

    Read one page, didn t like it too immoral Maybe I could relate 20 years ago, supposed to be funny

  4. Mary Crotty Mary Crotty says:

    Started off funny, but then became rambling and depressing with no point Disappointing since highly recommended by a friend.

  5. Sara Stetz Sara Stetz says:

    It was so damn weird, but I guess still likable in a ridiculous way Take away, we are all flawed but still worthy of love.

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