10 thoughts on “Cave of Wonders (Infinity Ring, #5)

  1. Oda Renate Oda Renate says:

    another enjoyable book in the series.

  2. Cy K. Cy K. says:

    This book is about how three kids jump around time to fix the breaks in history that were caused by the violent cataclysm Dak, Sera, and Riq find themselves in Babylon They get there just before the town is attacked and destroyed by the Mongol army They came here in order to save the writings of Aristotle from its main lib

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    My boys continue to be completely enthralled, but some of the magic is lost for me One of the reasons being they leave off at the end of each book headed for some mission that sound absolutely fantastic but then the next book picks up at the end of that mission So they keep fixing history, and yet we know nothing about what they a

  4. Steve Jennings Steve Jennings says:

    Steven has really taken to this series After reading a couple in the series, I found that I didn t feel that it was necessary to read them in order particularly since they are mostly authored by different authors This one follows the formula and presents some history and excitement in an entertaining manner for young readers Entertaining

  5. Jacque Jacque says:

    I received this book through Net Galley As soon as I began this story, I knew I had discovered a series that I would heartily recommend to my library students The writing is well done, the story is exciting and adventurousand history lessons are painlessly included Three young people are able to travel through time, using an Infinity Ring Their m

  6. Yapha Yapha says:

    Dak, Sera, Riq continue their journey through time, trying to fix the Breaks and avoid the Cataclysm In this adventure, they are in ancient Baghdad on the eve of the Mongol invasion It is up to the three of them, with help from the local Hystorian, to save the great works of Aristotle from destruction Unfortunately, there are several well placed Time War

  7. Devin Smith Devin Smith says:

    In Cave Of Wonders Dak, Sera, Riq continue their journey through time, trying to fix the Breaks and avoid the Cataclysm In this book, they are in ancient Baghdad at the time of the Mongol siege It is up to them to save the great works of Aristotle from destruction Cave Of Wonders is A another great book about time travel and adventure I loved this book along wit

  8. Katie W Katie W says:

    Another fun addition to this great middle grade series Dak, Sera, and Riq are off on another adventure and I always wonder how they ll possibly get through it, but they always do My kids are loving this series and the fun and creative ways this trio has to go about making changes in history.

  9. Bekka Bekka says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this series One thing that really struck me this time is what a great job the various authors have done in keeping the characters consistent Can t wait for the next read

  10. Hannah Russell Hannah Russell says:

    Could this series get worse EhI doubt it I suppose they could start losing the ability to write an intelligible sentence.Amazing how much better it would be if they just included a little blurb at the end of each book about how this really occurred in history, because I could excuse the awful plot if it had an educational element to it But because they are alternate history that goes t

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