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The Devils Scribe PDF ¶ The Devils  PDF/EPUB ² A wonderfully written short story that happens in the midst of the novel that would be the Taker It is the tale of Lanore, herione and villian of the Taker as she travels back to America in the 1800s to check on the package, I will be vague here as it does much to do with the novel the Taker and I don't want to give any away; and see that it is still secure as she left it.As she arrives in the port city she runs into a strange little man who needs to learn the tale that is the life of Lanore The strange little man is Edgar Allen Poe.The Devil's Scribe is a taste of the crisp and flowing writing that Alma Katsu brings to her novel The Taker and the upcoming The Reckoning A wonderful introduction to this new writing and her tales! A dark gothic and moody story! I wanted ! In The Devil's Scribe, Lanore McIlvrae from The Taker meets with the one and only Edgar Allan Poe by chance in an expensive Balti hotel in 1846 after having been gone from America for the last 20 years Poe describes himself as an orphan and a widower able to support himself as the devil's scribe, but Lanny seems passingly interested in his life story and the fact that he's a writer However, in spite of her preoccupation with why she came back to America, she walks with this stranger through the streets of Balti, careful not to reveal too much of herself to him.Read the full review: I love Alma Katsu's mastery of gothic language This very short, 19 page novella is simply a prime example of it It is so dark and gothic, it actually reminded me of some of the classics of Henry James, the Bronte sisters, ect that I devour I loved this and it simply whet my desire for the new book, The Reckoningcoming out in June. The Devil's Scribe is just a fun, quick, short peek at the main female character from The Taker, about 20 years after that book ended, and probably just before the sequel (The Reckoning) picks up SorryI'm terrible with character namesI can't remember hers, but if you read The Taker, you know who I mean She interacts with a famous literary figure, which I think is always fun I love it when writers do that Definitely worth reading this little short story, if only to reassure yourself that certain bad guys are still where they're supposed to be ;)Basically, it's a nice little appetizer for The Reckoning If you haven't already read the first one (The Taker), then GET ON IT !!! Quite possibly my favorite book of 2011 (the year I read itit might have been published in 2010) ! Very much looking forward to reading The Reckoning. Wow I never thought I would say this about an Alma Katsu book but I was disappointed Firstly this is the shortest novella I have ever read (around 25 pages NOT 50 as mentioned in the book description) And to be honest it added nothing to the overall storyline.The story gives a minuscule glimpse of Lanore revisiting the house in Boston after she left Adair there (20 years earlier), and during this trip she meets a slightly creepy character (Edgar) who describes himself as the Devil's Scribe because he so loves dark and twisted stories He becomes her uninvited travel companion to the house, she tells him a bit about why she is there and then. the end! Nothing !If you are a fan of The Taker trilogy save your money for the real books this novella is not worth the $4 I paid for it not by a long shot. A nice little story but extremely short 65% of the ebook is a preview of The Taker, the first book in the trilogy I spent $2.99 on it and feel like I was cheated If you haven't read the first book I doubt the short story would be entertaining to you at all. Excellent short story Katsu's writing style is so fun to readdark and twisted but fun I really enjoy her stories and I'm so looking forward to June! Keep writing, I'll keep reading!! After decades of running from her past, Lanore McIlvrae returns to America for the first time inyears to confront the source of her fear The year isand Lanore—Lanny—has just landed in Balti after a long transatlantic crossing That very night, she meets an “unattractive man with a high forehead and sunken eyes, and a tiny, pinched mouth like a parrot’s beak” who claims to write stories so dark and unsettling that he could be the Devil’s Scribe His name? Edgar Allan Poe Has Lanny finally met her match in this macabre man…or is it the other way around? I'm cackling oh my god, so did everyone who read The Taker ask Alma Katsu so did you just really like The Cask of Amontillado? to the point where she just went Fine! You know what! My main character met Poe and inspired him!!!? I'm not mocking, though, I love it, it's the second best story of this entire series.

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