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[Read] ➵ The Simoqin Prophecies (GameWorld Trilogy, #1) ➱ Samit Basu – Sunkgirls.info Epub The Simoqin Prophecies GameWorld Trilogy, 1 Author Samit Basu Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Die Prophezeiungen Berichten Vom Erwachen Des Schrecklichen Rakshas Danh Gem Und Von Der Ankunft Eines Helden, Der Sich Ihm Entgegenstellen Wird Als Der Tag Der R Ckkehr Danh Gems Naht, Macht Man Kurzerhand Den Prinzen Asvin Zum Retter Doch Dann Sind Da Noch Die Sch Ne Maya Und Der Junge Zauberer Kirin Wer Ist Der Prophezeite Retter Und Wer Vernichter Der Welt Samit Basu F Hrt In Eine Nie Gekannte Welt Der Fliegenden Teppiche, Rosa Trolle, Baucht Nzerinnen Und M Rderischen Kaninchen. GoosebumpsI have been a fantasy fiction junkie for the better part of a decade now but this style of writing is totally new to me and extremely refreshing Some die hard fantasy lovers have argued that the books are comedy and so does not get a place in the Great and Exalted Hall of Epic Fantasies however, I would say that the author has managed to walk this tight rope marvelously well The comedy does not hinder the story, instead it enric This was absolutely glorious fun It s a weird but entirely assured blend a high fantasy quest Dark Lord epic based in Indian rather than Euro Scand myth and landscape, which is also absolutely rammed with gags the cheaper the better , terrible puns, and affectionate mockery of fantasy tropes This is the sort of thing that s very easy to do badly What lifts this book way above is that the characters are terrifically engaging, the plot is genuinely compelling and twisty, the silliness of the q It took me a little while to get into this book because it starts out slow, and I m not used to Hindu critter names It wasn t too long that I was completely absorbed into the book I have to admit, I really liked Basu s writing style It was fun, hilarious, quirky, and epic As I read through all of the mini adventures the characters went on, I was amazed and drawn in While much of the time the quests weren t detailed, it was much easier to read that way Seriously, I m not a huge fan of books when you have to sit through every single one of the hero s adventures to understand how he got X item Basu went through the fun ones, while skimming over the lame ones This does not mean, however, that character development falls short You know quite well who the characters are, what they are thinking, what they are like, and half the time in your own head you are begging them to do not do something My favourite thing about this book is t I like fantasy fiction unlike the vast majority of people who think that it s a disreputable form of literature and consider it only for kids I liked the book It brims over with allusions Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Greek mythology, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, comic books, Arabian Nights etc etc The storyline, of course, is fantasy staple diet There is a Quest, and a Quest needs a Hero, who must go forth with a band of loyal warriors and have many adventures, and Save the World But Simoqin Prophecies offers a slight twist at the end the reader is unsure who the Hero is the human Prince Asvin, or the half ravian Kirin Most of the fantasy epics like LOR, HP etc are eternal wars between Good and Evil Basu gently pokes fun at the traditional fantasy epic And where writers like Tolkien can frequently become dull by virtue of their almost obsessive attention to detail, Basu has managed to evade the issue by throwing in enough wry one liners and puns But

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