The Matter of Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country Epub

The Matter of Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country Epub This passionate evocation of Wales by the author Rebecca West has hailed as perhaps the best descriptive writer of our times encapsulates that country in all its aspects, past, present, and even future Jan Morris shows clearly the manners of thought of the Welch people, as well as their art, their landscapes and their folklore, their ways of earning a living, their character, their meaning and their historical destiny Half Welsh, half English herself, Morris is a historian, a travel writer, and an essayist All three disciplines she brings to this work a vivid tribute to a country not just on the map or in the mind but also in the heart All of us, Morris writes, have some small country there A dense, poetic, richly textured account of a land and a culture, passionate and extravagant in both location and spirit, almost hymnlike Washington Post Book World Ranks among her best booksthe writing sparkles The New York Times About the Author Jan Morris is the author of such books as the Pax Britannica trilogy, Spain, Destinations, and most recently, Journeys With this book Morris joins the immortals The splendors of the prose are, like Homer s sea, simply everywhere She is an absolute master of the sentence Christian Science Monitor

10 thoughts on “The Matter of Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country

  1. Jason Jason says:

    Jan Morris is one of the preeminent historians of the British Empire, and so it was with a little bemusement that I learned that she is actually half Welsh, and in many ways, seemsattached to her Welsh ancestry than her English Her book, The Matter of Wales is a s

  2. Aled Owen-Thomas Aled Owen-Thomas says:

    If you re Welsh, live or have lived in Wales, have a Welsh person in your life that you d like to understand better, or just have an interest in the country, then you should read Jan Morris Wales originally published as The Matter of Wales.It s so evocatively written th

  3. Judith Johnson Judith Johnson says:

    Brilliant, fascinating I ve been going to Wales since I met my husband over 40 years ago, and this book now has lots of notes in the back so that I can reference them and go and see some of the amazing things Jan Morris has written about Highly recommended

  4. M.J. Johnson M.J. Johnson says:

    A beautifully conceived and finely crafted book Morris uses language with consummate skill Her book kept me absorbed for several weeks Whether you have only a passing interest interest in Wales and Welsh life, or simply love the place warts and all like I do, this book makes deligh

  5. Jbondandrews Jbondandrews says:

    A very interesting and well written book Jan Morris blends well history, religion and politics into her book.

  6. Carl Finch Carl Finch says:

    I enjoyed the book, however not as much as many of the other generic Welsh history books I ve read A big part was that I was not a huge fan of the writing style.

  7. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    As the subtitle says, this is indeed an epic book with sweeping views of a small yet utterly fascinating country With absorbing passion, Morris describes the landscapes, history and people of Wales I found myself easily captivated by her passion as I have been fascinated by Wales for a long time Thi

  8. Edwinnaarden Edwinnaarden says:

    I was thinking 4.5 stars but I can t give thatI learned a lot about Wales, Welsh history and Welsh peopleI think it also helped explain a lot about myself and my motherit also makes me proud to be of Welsh descent, continue learning the Welsh language and working to preserve the Welsh culture The reason I

  9. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    History, culture, natural history and animals, music, writing, national character Morris covers it all in this evocation of Wales One of my grandmothers, Helen Lambdin, was of Welsh extraction and I ve always been interested in that mystical kingdom Morris is also Welsh and passionate about Wales Very entertain

  10. Denise Denise says:

    This is a wonderful book to learnabout Wales Jan Morris explains the topography geography history and so forth it s very comprehensive and a welcome bring visiting the country It is over 450 pages and a bit long for those wanting me a glimpse of the country But I must say it is comprehensive

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