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Dozakhnama PDF í Paperback Who tells the greatest story God or Manto Dozakhnama Conversations in Hell is an extraordinary novel, a biography of Manto and Ghalib and a history of Indian culture rolled into one Exhumed from dust, Manto s unpublished novel surfaces in Lucknow Is it real or is it a fake In this dastan, Manto and Ghalib converse, entwining their lives in shared dreams The result is an intellectual journey that takes us into the people and events that shape us as a culture As one writer describes it, I discovered Rabisankar Bal like a torch in the darkness of the history of this subcontinent This is the real story of two centuries of our own country Rabisankar Bal s audacious novel, told by reflections in a mirror and forged in the fires of hell, is both an oral tale and a shield against oblivion An echo of distant screams Inscribed by the devil s quill, Dozakhnama is an outstanding performance of subterranean memory

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  1. Arcopol Chaudhuri Arcopol Chaudhuri says:

    Given that it s a time when there areandbooks that qualify as quick weekend reads , breezy, one time reads , it is an indescribable feeling when one comes across a book like Dozakhnama Conversations in Hell Words cannot express the comfort this book provides I wished tha

  2. Ammara Abid Ammara Abid says:

    A story is nothing but a story it lives alone, it dies aloneGhalib has long been dead, but we remember himWondering, what if this had happened or that

  3. Gorab Jain Gorab Jain says:

    5 I hate it when you find some fallacies in a book you liked, while reviewing it.And I hate itto the extent of loving it P , when the book turns out to be so impeccable devoiding you of that chance Dozakhnama is that beauty.Read it for around 3 months took a lot of effort an

  4. Omama. Omama. says:

    I finally managed to complete this book after being in a whirlwind for about a year Not because I was too lazy to finish, but because it s so overwhelming Basically, it s about conversations in hell between Mirza Ghalib, a connoisseur of poetry and Sadaat Hasan Manto, the mast

  5. Samir Samir says:

    Death can be endured, but memory cannot As the author prepares the paranormal backdrop for his narrative to spring out of graves at the very start of the book, you get biographies woven together into a single fabric that is free from all hindrances of normalcy The nomadic narrat

  6. Rural Soul Rural Soul says:

    It certainly had errors in Urdu text I wonder that being a writer of a rather regional language like Bengali in India, Bal had excellent imagination to bring an unique piece of literature which was worth translating in other languages As I hear that after English, it already has b

  7. Vivek Tejuja Vivek Tejuja says:

    Translations are needed to let us readers know what we have missed out on and what we cannot any I am a champion of translations, only because I wish I could read some works in the language they were written in, but if I cannot do that, then well, a translation suffices any given da

  8. Sambit Sambit says:

    Ghalib Manto meet in hell Dozakh , and discuss about the worldly matters of their era Women,wine,ishq, dastans, Sufism, Indian history, people, culture with each one judging the other and sharing the lessons learnt in their respective lives And from these discussions, the plot of the

  9. Naveed Masih Naveed Masih says:

    Clear plot, comprehensible translation, Dozkhnama is an amalgam of Ghalib and Manto s writings Selective couplets and stories are blend together in a decent way The hierarchy of events makes this novelappealing.This delightful read will take you to the eras of these two towering literar

  10. Fizah(Books tales by me) Fizah(Books tales by me) says:

    Actual Rating 4.5 Anyone can write history All it needs is memory But to write a story you must have the power to dream This book is so famous in my country like I was seeing it on every bookshop which made me not to read it, Last year I saw it with one relative and opened it and after a

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