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Service With a Smile MOBI ✓ Service With  eBook The final Uncle Fred novel marks his return to Blandings Castle to relieve Lord Emsworth s woes a nagging secretary, prankster Church Lads, and a plot to thieve his prize winning sow Uncle Fred must serve up his brand of sweetness and light to ensure that everything turns out very capital indeed

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Bill Bailey s attempted marriage to Myra Schoonmaker doesn t go as planned and Myra is whisked away to Blandings Castle to prevent her from marrying him, a penniless curate Meanwhile, the Duke of Dunstable s son has his eyes on Myra and the Duke himself wants to steal the Empress of Blandings and sell her to Lord Tilbury Fortunately, Uncle Fre

  2. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    Lord Ickenham aka Uncle Fred is an incurable optimist In Service with a Smile he s off to Blandings Castle again to spread his form of irrepressible cheer on the inhabitants Stifled love is in the air and Uncle Fred s the man to clear it A prize winning pig doted upon by its doddering owner, an underhanded and ambitious secretary, a cantankerous

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    P.G Wodehouse never disappoints Uncle Fred might surpass my love even for Bertie s Aunt Dahlia, and I thought no one as delightful as her had ever come from his pen Oh well As always, the intrepid Uncle Fred had me thoroughly entertained from the very first page The books are just a delight to lose yourself in, and they never disappoint In this one,

  4. Nigeyb Nigeyb says:

    It s always a pleasure to dip back into the world of P.G Wodehouse and, in such troubled times, doubly so.Service With a Smile 1961 is the final Uncle Fred novel and the 10th Blandings Castle novel I was unsure if I d read this one before or not and was delighted to discover this one was new to me That said, the plot bore a remarkable similarity to num

  5. Elisha Condie Elisha Condie says:

    One of Wodehouse s novels about Blandings Castle, another one of those wonderful country estates filled with crabby gentlemen, mixed up engagements and calm, cool butlers My favorite character is described like this I wish this was a description of me, actually I love it Of Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton, fifth Earl of Ickenham, a thoughtful cri

  6. Peter Krol Peter Krol says:

    Not the best Wodehouse I ve read Still pretty fun, though Favorite quote Have you ever been engaged to two girls at the same time Not to my recollection Nor, now I come to think of it, do I know of anyone who has, except of course King Solomon and the late Brigham Young Well, that s what I am You Engaged to two girls Half a second, let me work this out There

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    4.5 stars for this audiobook edition, narrated by Martin Jarvis While I still have a slight preference to hear my Wodehouse narrated by Jonathan Cecil, Jarvis did an excellent job with this 9th entry in the Blandings Castle series This one not only had Lord Emsworth his pig but also Uncle Fred a delightful combination 4.5 stars for this audiobook edition, narra

  8. Ian Laird Ian Laird says:

    PG Wodehouse is so highly regarded by many readers that there must be something to him.But having read only two, Dr Sally and this one Service with a Smile, I find myself thinking these stories are enjoyable, well written, contain some amusing lines and pass the time amiably enough Other people see muchI may have to delve further and find out what draws such devot

  9. Althea Althea says:

    I re read Wodehouse regularly just to cheer myself up

  10. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    Poor Lord Emsworth is beset with problems he has a new horrid secretary Miss Biggs who makes Baxter look nice the castle grounds are full of camping boys causing noise and mischief and the Duke of Dunstable has invited himself to Blandings and still thinks the Empress is making Lord Emsworth potty The Duke has a buyer interested in the Empress and he s willing to do wha

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