KL NOIR: RED PDF ✓ KL NOIR:  eBook ´ KL NOIR Red is the first ofvolumes about the Malaysian capital city s dark side There areshort stories and one essay about the seedy, the sinister and sometimes the spooky You will find murder, drug dealing, kidnapping, sexual depravity, prostitution, celebrity secrets, suicides, academic rivalry, gangsters, police brutality, cannibalism, black magic, creepy rituals, political corruption and even busking It s all totally fictional Well, maybe the cannibalism isLine Up INTRO Amir MuhammadTHE RUNNER Adib ZainiRUKUN TETANGGA Preeta SamarasanMAMAK MURDER MYSTERY Marc de FaoiteASIAN ANGEL Shaz JoharA GIFT OF FLOWERS Shih Li KowKISS FROM A ROSE Fadzlishah JohanabasAFTER DARK, MY LOVE Dina ZamanTHE ORACLE OF TRUTH Eeleen LeeCHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE NIGHT Kris WilliamsonTHE DUALIST Shivani SivagurunathanVANISHED Khairulnizam BakeriCANNIBAL VS AH LONG Megat IshakTHE MACHETE AND ME Dayang NoorTHE UNBELIEVER Amir HafiziMUD Brian GomezBIOS

10 thoughts on “KL NOIR: RED

  1. Remi Remi says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for short story anthologies There is so muchvariety in many short stories than in one single story of the same length And even though the topic of Kuala Lumpur s dark side is the theme for all 15 stories in KL Noir, there are still 15 distinct stories in this collection Kudos to the writers and editor for coming together in this

  2. Mrs Giggles Mrs Giggles says:

    KL Noir Red is the first of a planned series of anthology devoted to and I quote the seedy, the sinister and sometimes the spooky side of Kuala Lumpur, basically the only city that is worth something, at least in the local literary scene Don t believe me Try issuing a submission call for Batang Berjuntai Noir and see whether people would take you seriously.Anyway, as

  3. Plainqoma Plainqoma says:

    Oh well, this is the first from the 4 volumes I have to say I can t wait for the next volumes Since there are 14 short stories inside this volume it s hard to rate it I love a little twist at the ending of few stories It s like watching a thriller movie There s murder, death and blood Not that creepy but heck this is not innocent at all.My favourites will be The Runner, After

  4. Andrew Nette Andrew Nette says:

    If you need further proof there s no better vehicle than crime fiction for shining a light into the crevices and cracks of society the powers in control don t want you to see, check out a new anthology called KL Noir.That s KL as in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.Kuala Lumper may not seem like the most obvious place to set an anthology of noir fiction On the surface, at least,

  5. Audrey Audrey says:

    Overall, a mixed bag, but that s what you have to say about 95% of anthologies It s difficult to find 14 short story writers and an essayist who can all hold it together on theme, plot, character and technical excellence And rating this anthology is complicated by the fact I m a white non Malaysian, so I have exactly zero standing to comment on things like authenticity or exoticness For me i

  6. Aziff Aziff says:

    I m not one who is usually drawn to locally published books but this one took my by surprise KL Noir is an anthology setting up the lens to the darker side of KL, with all its sex, crime and grit In other words, a contemporary to the once glorious genre of pulp fiction.Several essays stuck with me long after the pages were closed, among them, Chasing Butterflies in the Night Dina Zaman s After Dark,

  7. Maylee Lim Maylee Lim says:

    I was left pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories Favourites include Mud by Brian Gomez, A Gift of Flowers by Shih Li Kow and Cannibal vs Ah Long by Megat Ishak The meh s include The Dualist by Shivani Sivagurunathan, which left me extremely confused someone please explain it to me , and Vanished by Khairulnizam Bakeri To be fair, Vanished was translated from Malay and it could be the slig

  8. Ainur Ainur says:

    2.5 Not all the stories here are my cup of tea I aminterested reading most of the stories by authors who I m familiar with I like the idea of this book Some stories are brilliant good storyline, easy to follow While some I just easily lost interest in It took me a while trying to finish this Probably because I was easily distracted and the stories are not that interesting.

  9. Maisarah Maisarah says:

    A good try to make our own Malaysian version of pulp fiction genre style of writting My personal fav would be Mamak Murder Mystery, Vanished and A Gift of Flowers Im loving the idea of having KL as the setting for all of the short stories, it gives a familiar touch to most of youngters Although I might say a good piece of writting doesnt necessarily sell by having explicit content.

  10. Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Muhammad Danial says:

    A compilation of short stories about the dark side of the KL city I think almost all the stories are great and will satisfy your adventerous needs Few stories are so good to be true that I want to make a movie about it Some of the stories are written in a very high level of English I think lah or maybe my english sucks There are many types of stories in this book, including drugs, prostitution, killing and even cannibalism and muc

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