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St. Rage's Vault Epub ê St. Rage's  PDF/EPUB ² Poetry Winner of the Washington Prize forA pregnancy memoir that unfolds through a series of poems about art, the book engages images of maternity from the Madonna to the monster to explore kinship, community, and mortality The radical changes of a woman s body and role transform not just the individual but art, culture, and language themselves

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  1. Bryn Donovan Bryn Donovan says:

    The first blurb on the back cover of the book, from Linda Gregerson, asks, How is ekphrasis like a child in the womb This helpfully explains the structure of the book each poem is a response to a piece of visual art, and the book as a whole is the narrative of a pregnancy 1 poem for every week, 3 sections, 3 trimesters The first poem, which is super good, is inspired by Simone Mar

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