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The Excalibur Codex PDF ☆ The Excalibur  eBook For countless generations the sword had been kept hidden, ready for a time of need But not hidden well enough, because on one warm July night in it vanished its disappearance swallowed up in the storm clouds of war that would soon engulf the world twelve SS generals gather at a castle in East Prussia to re enact an ancient rite and call on the spirits of Europe s mightiest warriors to aid them in the coming battle in the East At the heart of the ritual is a pentagram formed by five swords One of them is Excalibur, the mythical weapon pulled from a stone by King Arthur Art recovery expert Jamie Saintclair laughs when he reads the codex to a German war veteran s will, the strange ritual it describes and the mention of a sword named Excalibur But collector Adam Steele is convinced and if Jamie can find the legendary sword, he will pay a small fortune for it The hunt for Excalibur takes Jamie from Germany to eastern Poland and a deadly encounter in Hitler s Wolf s Lair The castle has been destroyed down to the last stone and the only clue to the sword s fate is the strange tale of a wartime partisan unit murdered by its own commanderWith a team of international assassins on his trail and the distinction between friend and enemy a blur, Jamie finally makes it back to a Britain under siege, where the last piece of the puzzle falls into place and he discovers that the line between obsession and madness is gossamer thin

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  1. Romanticamente Fantasy Romanticamente Fantasy says:

    Jamie Saintclair un uomo distrutto in un attentato terroristico di apparente matrice islamica, ha perso tutto, la donna che amava e il bambino che stavano aspettando.Per questo, quando un vecchio amico gli propone una caccia al tesoro sulle tracce di Excalibur, la leggendaria spada di Art , non esita ad accettare, come un naufrago afferrerebbe una cima gettata.Con la compagnia di un affascinante

  2. Robin Carter Robin Carter says:

    ReviewAt first glance you could be forgiven for lumping this book in with many of the other conspiracy thrillers that are out there on the market The cover is a bit stock standard sorry Doug But James Douglas AKA Douglas Jackson , has far to good a pedigree for something as mundane as a fanciful treasure hunt, there will always be greater levels, there will always be fantastic multi faceted chara

  3. Kate Kate says:

    Without doubt, the finest thriller to date by James Douglas and it rates very highly indeed amongst its kind I read this on holiday and it was the perfect companion I can t recommend it enough Loved it

  4. Jim Jim says:

    When i reviewed the Doomsday Testament i said James Douglas had set the bar high,and when the Isis Covenant arrived i said the bar had been set even higher,well now we have the Excalibur Codex and i now think we have moved from the high jump to the pole vault,as the bar has got even higher.This mystery thrillier moves at a cracking pace from page one,as Jamie Saintclair is pitched head long into a

  5. C C says:

    Brilliant read, the main character is a mix of James Bond, Indiana Jones Jack Reacher I realised early on that I should have read two books previous to this but it was so good I couldn t put it down Very interesting albeit disturbing subjects mentioned and at some points I d be googling to find outabout the events mentioned The imagery was shocking in some parts not recommended for the faint hearted

  6. Speesh Speesh says:

    James Douglas , apart from being a Scottish friend of Robert The Bruce in the 13 and 14th Century, is of course the alter ego of the really rather super Douglas Jackson I m guessing that THAT is actually his real name James Douglas comes out to play when Douglas Jackson takes time off from his day job as the purveyor of all things Roman and legionary, writing books like Hero , Avenger , Defender and

  7. Gordon Johnston Gordon Johnston says:

    A secret right wing pot to take over the UK A fake Islamic terrorist attack And an arts expert chasing a legendary sword last seen in a Nazi castle Fanciful plot, but readable enough as escapist fiction.

  8. Ежко Таралежко Ежко Таралежко says:

    , .

  9. Le passioni di Pinella Le passioni di Pinella says:

    Re Art , la Germania Nazista e il terrorismo islamico Come si possono riunire questi tre elementi in un unico racconto James Douglas ce l ha fatta e, devo dire, riuscendo a trovare un filo conduttore con una logica.Confesso di aver avuto per un attimo il dubbio di trovarmi davanti ad un racconto poco scorrevole ed invece stato l esatto opposto.Lo sviluppo della storia mi piaciuto Le vicende si susseguon

  10. Waltham Waltham says:

    A little bit long to get accustomed to the writer, and to the pace of the book I wasin the 3 stars, then the end of the plot is worth 5 stars, then here you are 4 stars

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