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Clever Girl PDF/EPUB í Hardcover Clever Girl is an indelible story of one woman s life, unfolded in a series of beautifully sculpted episodes that illuminate an era, moving from the s to today, from one of Britain s leading literary lights Tessa Hadley the author of the New York Times Notable Books Married Love and The London TrainLike Alice Munro and Colm T ibin, Tessa Hadley brilliantly captures the beauty, innocence, and irony of ordinary lives an ability to transform the mundane into the sublime that elevates domestic fiction to literary artWritten with the celebrated precision, intensity, and complexity that have marked her previous works, Clever Girl is a powerful exploration of family relationships and class in modern life, witnessed through the experiences of an English woman named Stella Unfolding in a series of snapshots, Tessa Hadley s moving novel follows Stella from the shallows of childhood, growing up with a single mother in a Bristol bedsit in the s, into the murky waters of middle ageClever Girl is a story vivid in its immediacy and rich in drama violent deaths, failed affairs, broken dreams, missed chances Yet it is Hadley s observations of everyday life, her keen skill at capturing the ways men and women think and feel and relate to one another, that dazzles

10 thoughts on “Clever Girl

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    Clever is defined as intelligent, ingenious, insightful It doesn t mean wise, showing good judgement Stella, the narrator, is certainly clever but rarely wise Through snapshots of her life, from childhood to middle age, we read how she faces the challenges of each stage of life This book is not for those readers who are attracted to compelling act

  2. Antonomasia Antonomasia says:

    or possibly 4.5 According to Harold Bloom, we read to be less lonely, as we can never know enough people Clever Girl is a book so unusually like getting to know a real person that it fulfils thisthan most do It s written as a novelistic narrative, not in a purely conversational style, but its directness and the way the narrator reveals her life story most

  3. Suzy Suzy says:

    I loved Clever Girl, which tells the story of Stella, a working class girl from Bristol, from her years as a child of a single mother through when she is about 50 and a mother herself Her story, told in episodes, is a lovely, quiet character study I did not want to say goodbye to her when the book ended This blurb about the book says a lot of why I liked it Writt

  4. Jill Jill says:

    Look in the dictionary for the definition of clever and you ll find these words quick to understand or apply ideas astute, intelligent, sharp.So is Stella, the protagonist of Tessa Hadley s novel, truly a clever girl At one point, Stella answers that question herself In the wrong contexts, cleverness is just an inhibiting clumsiness Stella is the type of girl who outsmar

  5. Carol Carol says:

    Normally, I do not care for books that are short on dialogue and full of descriptive language or third person narrative, but I relished Clever Girl s exquisite language and found myself underlining passage after passage This novel is quiet but riveting Hadley s novel is a 5 star treat for readers who enjoy a brilliant character study Having not read any of Hadley s novels previo

  6. Roger Brunyate Roger Brunyate says:

    Nothing is WastedDomestic Fiction Not something that I had recognized as a separate genre until the London Sunday Times reviewer mentioned it on the back cover of this highly satisfying novel The chronicle of ordinary lives But I realize that it is something that I greatly enjoy, and a genre in which Tessa Hadley is an unassuming master Looking back at my review of her recent story coll

  7. Claire Fuller Claire Fuller says:

    Oh why didn t this win all the prizes I loved it Beautiful writing, but it s the character of Stella that I enjoyed evenfierce but self contained, steady and powerful, loving and enduring Some apparently find her cold, but I didn t it was that she was dealt a certain hand in life and just had to get on with it It s about Stella s life from when she s about 13, I think, to her early 50s Babies a

  8. Sherry Sherry says:

    Fiction doesn t get better than this This novel follows Stella from her childhood in England to her present day middle age It s an exploration of relationships and class as well as dramatic incidents tragic deaths, failed affairs, broken dreams So well written that I m sad it s over the highest test was not in what you chose, but in how you lived what befell you.

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A quiet, deceptively simple novel about one woman s journey through life family upheaval, love, academia and unplanned motherhood Brilliant despite or because of its reticence.In that its self contained chapters at times seem to constitute a collection of linked stories, it brings to mind Alice Munro s Lives of Girls and Women, which also plots a young woman s course through discrete chapters But if there is o

  10. Laura McNeal Laura McNeal says:

    Like one of those dreams where you know it s your house even though it looks nothing like your house How does it feel to have a baby who doesn t sleep Exactly like this To believe in the holiness of an inanimate thing as a child Like this To cook and clean and love and hate Like this Beyond its immersive qualities, the book s appeal lies in the utterly convincing way that mistakes are quickly made, quickly resented, s

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