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!!> KINDLE ❄ The Circle (Engelsfors Trilogy, Book 1)  ❁ Author Sara Bergmark Elfgren – Sunkgirls.info On A Night After The Apparent Suicide Of High School Student Elias Malmgren, A Blood Red Moon Fills The Night Sky Minoo Wakes Up Outside Her House, Still In Her Pajamas, And Is Drawn By An Invisible Force To An Abandoned Theme Park On The Outskirts Of Town Soon Five Of Her Classmates Vanessa, Linn A, Anna Karin, Rebecka, And Ida Arrive, Compelled By The Same Force A Mystical Being Takes Over Ida S Body And Tells Them They Are Fated To Fight An Ancient Evil That Is Hunting Them As The Weeks Pass, Each Girl Discovers She Has A Unique Magical Ability They Begin Exploring Their Powers The Six Are Wildly Different And Definitely Not Friends But They Are The Chosen Ones In This Gripping First Installment Of The Engelsfors Trilogy, A Parallel World Emerges In Which Teenage Dreams, Insanely Annoying Parents, Bullying, Revenge, And Love Collide With Dangerous Forces And Ancient Magic An International Sensation With Rights Sold In 26 Countries, The Circle Is Razor Sharp And Remarkable From Start To Finish.

10 thoughts on “The Circle (Engelsfors Trilogy, Book 1)

  1. Heidi The Hippie Reader Heidi The Hippie Reader says:

    The Circle was an excellent and gritty urban fantasy It was dark enough that I would hesitate to classify it as young adult It is about a group of close friends and magic.It reminded me of that 1996 film, The Craft, which, as you will recall, is about a group of angst y high school friends who find out that they re w

  2. Inge Inge says:

    A student died at Engelsfors high school Everyone thinks it s suicide Only a handful of people know that it was, in fact, murder These girls are the Chosen Ones six witches, joined by a guardian who can t remember what he s supposed to do, and a Council who relies on teenagers to do their job Together, they will eventually h

  3. Mari - loves to read Mari - loves to read says:

    Do you like reading novels that keeps you up into the wee hours of night If you do then make sure to read The Circle, it is a true page turner The Circle is a young adult fantasy that pulls off something that very few fantasy novels manages to do, it manages to somehow be a kind of a contemporary novel at the same time.Sky high exp

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    4.5 StarsThis book was truly a surprise to me The beginning seemed to make things very simple and basic BUT THEN THINGS GET CRAZY.We have a ragtag group of teenagers in a small town called Engelsfors in Sweden and this gritty and poignant novel is a YA urban witch fantasy with a serious punch It deals with topics like drugs, sex, inapprop

  5. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Eh, it s alright Wodehouse This was a mixed bag, so let s be nice start with the things I liked Sorry, but caffeine is failing me today This will be a bullet review Grittiness I appreciated that these teenagers swore like normal people I also liked though perhaps it s the wrong word P that they were open about drug use sex It felt realistic Elem

  6. Lukas (LukeLaneReads) Lukas (LukeLaneReads) says:

    This book is like a bad afternoon special.I really wanted to like this book I d been looking for a witchy read lately and I thought this might do the trick, sadly it was not to be Note to self Never, EVER trust a blurb from now on You see the blurb to this book makes it sound like some epic, saving the world supernatural story On the back, it s compare

  7. Monique Monique says:

    Real Rating 4.5 starsI have been sitting here and staring at my computer for exactly 47 minutes trying to figure out how to start this review so since I can not think of anything, this is what I shall give youIt took me a while to actually pick up the book and read it, but I did and I am very glad I did And it is not because I have anything against Swedish au

  8. Diana Torales Diana Torales says:

    ElCirculoBR Rese a pr ximamente

  9. Thomas Strömquist Thomas Strömquist says:

    I don t usually read YA, partly because I m OA myself and partly because I find the often simplified language anddisturbingly simplified characters to be distracting I did, however, take this on since my wife asked me to she wanted another opinion about it, since she has her students adding it to their reading list I was partly pleasantly surprised there are quite a few pl

  10. Meli Meli says:

    Lento pero muy bueno e intrigante.

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