Royal Pursuit Epub í Paperback

Royal Pursuit Epub í Paperback HER UNDERCOVER PRINCE Narrowly escaping an assassin, Prince Alexander fled the Vashmiran embassy in Washington, DC with only the clothes on his back But the playboy bachelor was determined to take matters into his own hands With the help of stunning private investigator Taylor Welles, he went undercover, with the icy American reluctantly posing as his adoring wifeTaylor was cautious of every man she met, especially tall, dark and handsome ones like Alex But something about him his honest blue eyes, his confident grin compelled her to believe his wild, royal story His wicked seduction made Taylor helpless to deny him, but could she dare believe she d finally found her Prince Charming, whose very life rested in her hands

10 thoughts on “Royal Pursuit

  1. Alice Alice says:

    Great Series ConcludesThe first book was good The second one better Then the trilogy concluded with a hit out of the ballpark The story of Prince Alex the playboy and the developi

  2. Tara Tara says:

    There was drama amd intrigue I had problems keeping the three suspects separate, but it was a good book.

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