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Royal Target Epub í Paperback THEIR FATE HAD BEEN SEALED YEARS AGO Nothing would stop Nicholas Zared from taking his rightful place as King of Vashmira Not a bloodthirsty assassin nor American spitfire Ericka Allen Without the fiery beauty s acceptance of their long arranged marriage, Nicholas would be denied the crown But it wasn t duty alone that bound him to Ericka, not with desire blazing between them and the discovery that she might be the killer s real targetEricka tried to resist the handsome prince s skilled seduction, but their close brushes with death only intensified the passion flaring between them Would her consent to be his queen cost her her heart and her life

10 thoughts on “Royal Target

  1. Pamela Hanna Pamela Hanna says:

    ok this is a love affair between 2 strangers whom their fathers made a contract to marry when they were now Prince Nicholas and Ericka need to come to terms on this arranged marriage because thanks to an assassin Prince Nicholas father is dead and he is now king..

  2. TINNGG TINNGG says:

    I cannot take it anyFirst off, the book takes place over the course of a week, yet the author spends the first half of the book in the first few hours of meeting.Second off, the h is blinded by ambition to common sense Really She knows she s on the marriage contract, knows it s

  3. Alice Alice says:

    Enjoyable suspense romanceEnjoyable suspense romanceVery good first book of a trilogy Contemporary royal romance with a dash of danger American reporter goes to cover a royal coronation, and ends up involved in a romance with the King.

  4. Angela Angela says:

    This book is awesome, its a bit naughty, but i don t mind naughty, i actually like it This is the sort of book that you start reading and you can t put it down, its big time naughty, i recommend it to people who like to have some fun reading I really can t wait to get the second book.

  5. Twyla Twyla says:

    Far fetched I can understand the send a reporter to cover an event but the rest not so much The border hopping incident for example Or the whole death of the bad guy scene.

  6. Shirley Owl Shirley Owl says:

    This was with another story Rafe Sinclair s revenge by Gayle Wilson.

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