The Rain-Soaked Bride MOBI Ñ The Rain-Soaked Kindle

The Rain-Soaked Bride MOBI Ñ The Rain-Soaked  Kindle A number of influential South Korean nationals are committing suicide on UK soil In all cases they seem to simply drop whatever they re doing and swiftly almost vacantly end their own lives An electronics importer falls from the top floor of his high rise office, the ambassador to the UK shoots his chauffeur and drives his own car off London Bridge, an actor sets fire to himself during a movie premiereAugust and Toby investigate and slowly uncover the ancient force of the Rain Soaked Bride, a ghostly spirit of vengeance that drags her enemies to their deathsOnce summoned the spirit cannot be dismissed until it takes the life it is charged with, it will be unstoppable in its pursuit of the mortal it has in its sights Unfortunately, after getting too close to the source of the spirit, that mortal is now Toby Greene

10 thoughts on “The Rain-Soaked Bride

  1. Dana Dana says:

    This was a supremely delightful read When I requested this book for review, I really had no idea what to expect I don t normally read mystery novels, but for whatever reason perhaps the awesome cover this caught my eye For once my superficial cover lusting payed off I am always a sucker for witty dialogue and this book had it in abundance Each character had their own unique brand of humour a

  2. Charles Charles says:

    Crossover urban fantasy espionage thriller where a sorcerer attempts to break up an international conference at a remote site thorough assassination resulting in a country house mystery This is the second book in the Clown Service series I m reading this because I liked the first book in the series The Clown Service my review.This was an urban fantasy spy thriller that shapes up as a country h

  3. Mieneke Mieneke says:

    The first book in this series, The Clown Service , took me by surprise earlier this summer While the concept and its bright cover intrigued me sufficiently to pick it up, I hadn t expected to enjoy it as much as I did I was utterly charmed by Toby, his supervisor August Shining, Shining s sister April and their neighbour Tamar The Rain Soaked Bride was already on my TBR pile and I started it as

  4. Margaret Margaret says:

    An okay UK urban fantasy novel.More Charles Stross Laundry Files than Ben Aaronovitch s Rivers of London.An okay read, but the characters felt a little flat.

  5. Helen Helen says:

    August shining would like this to be categorised as science fiction, but I m not convinced We saved the world by time travel in the first book and now we re having to defend against a curse, a transportable curse Do not accept anything from anyone The person who lays the curse must be somewhere nearby for it to operate so if you know who it is and can get and keep yourself out of range you re safe S

  6. Falynn - the TyGrammarSaurus Rex Falynn - the TyGrammarSaurus Rex says:

    Another enjoyable outing of the Clown Service Not as good as book 1, but worth a few hours of your time.Although I have to say that the GR blurb, or at least the 1st paragraph of it, bears almost no resemblance to the actual book It s a bit random.

  7. Steve Goulding Steve Goulding says:

    Brilliant follow up to The Clown Service, fast paced, and a book for the disruptor generation Good fun

  8. Joe Joe says:

    Great read hard to put down.

  9. Charles Charles says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book Second book featuring August, Toby, and April lived up to the franchise The mystery was transparent,but the ride to unravel it was great.

  10. Martin Willoughby Martin Willoughby says:

    Funny and chilling in equal measure.

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