Three by Atiq Rahimi: Earth and Ashes, A Thousand Rooms of

Three by Atiq Rahimi: Earth and Ashes, A Thousand Rooms of Three short novels including Prix Goncourt winning The Patience Stone that convey years of Afghan history, heartache, and hope Never before in paperback Atiq Rahimi s reputation for writing war stories of immense drama and intimacy began with his first novel, Earth and Ashes, about fathers and sons and the terrible strain inflicted on families, when an Afghan village is destroyed by the Russian armyA Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear takes place in , during a period of social and political upheaval in Kabul On the way home from a night of drinking, a university student named Farhad is arrested and brutally beaten A few hours later, broken and confused, he slowly regains consciousness, only to find himself in the care of a beautiful woman who has dragged him into her home to protect him Winner of the Prix Goncourt, The Patience Stone is the tale of a woman caring for her brain damaged husband, who was shot in the neck during a petty conflict After years of living in a society of islamic fundamentalism, she finds herself strangely liberated by her husband s condition She tells him her innermost thoughts and secrets, many of them dark and deeply repressed, never knowing whether he s able to hear her or not

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  1. Molly Ison Molly Ison says:

    These were difficult stories to process In Earth and Ashes, a grandfather struggles with the decision to tell his son about the slaughter of their family members In A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear, a man whose targeting by the Communist government seems to be disproportional to his crime of being out after curfew has others try to save him while he remains confused

  2. Sonia Francis Sonia Francis says:

    Praise for these three novellas by Afghan author Atiq Tahimi.Earth and Ashes,A thousand rooms of dream and fear and The patience stone The patience stone is my favorite I hasten to say that each novella was superbly written with well developed characters and themes centered around the culture and politics of Afghanistan It is an insight into the fears of the Afghan peop

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    While I found it hard to relate to some of the characters, particularly the young man in the middle story, I greatly appreciated the themes tackled in these short stories and the way in which Rahimi plays around with style and voice A book I likely wouldn t have chosen for myself but am very grateful to have read.

  4. Jamie Jamie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Earth and AshesHonestly, I was halfway through this story before I realized what was going on I think most of that was because of my unfamiliarity with the style I was also thrown by the way people used brother and father to refer to each other However, I felt like the set up for the conflict

  5. Peter Edelman Peter Edelman says:

    The violence of war is ever present but the violence against women, physically, culturally and psychologically makes for a distressing read, leaving little hope for change in Afghanistan.

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