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The Museum of Mysteries  MOBI ↠ The Museum  eBook Art and mystery collide in this fascinating look at the secrets behind some of the world s most important masterpieces and their creators Who was the model for Vermeer s Girl with a Pearl Earring How were the Nazca Lines, the giant drawings scrawled across Peru s desert coast, created Why is Botticelli s Birth of Venus an ingenious example of mathematic computation Traveling across centuries and continents, this collection of 40 enigmatic artworks and artists examines secrets that have confounded experts and amateurs alike Presented in beautiful color spreads, each work or artist is profiled in an absorbing and accessible commentary that draws on the latest research While some of these mysteries have been solved, many others continue to stump even the most learned scholars Find out what they know and what they don t in this compelling collection that will deepen readers appreciation of some of the world s most recognizable masterpieces.

10 thoughts on “The Museum of Mysteries

  1. RumBelle RumBelle says:

    Artistic mysteries have always fascinated me From paintings with overt, or subtle, symbolism, to massive statues, art has many intriguing stories and this book seeks to discuss many of them It was divided up into several sections, and within each section approximately 10 works of art were discussed Each work took up a two page spread, with the artwork on the right and scholarly commentary on the left This enabled the reader to ana

  2. Julia Julia says:

    Niet allemaal even mysterieus en niet allemaal even plausibele speculaties Maar wel mooie plaatjes.

  3. Tufriel Tufriel says:

    Beautiful reproductions of paintings artwork but I felt the title was a misnomer While there are mysteries about what each art piece was intended to convey, none of these are secrets and in fact, all are very well known and popular pieces The mysteries have been explored in detail over time and was generally disappointingly and somewhat haphazardly put together here with far too many typos , giving a feeling that the writing had been rushed and e

  4. Lamadia Lamadia says:

    I thought I would really like it, but it was deceivingly short and had hallmarks of being rushed Every entry has a full two pages of the title of the entry and then the next page is an image of the artwork and then the next single page is the text For every four pages, there is only one page of text It doesn t go to any depth at all, and is shockingly shallow There are typos all over the place which gives an air of a lack of care I was very disappointed.

  5. Wakakanunu Wakakanunu says:

    Nice selection of paintings and the section titles are definitely enticing However, the writings are merely gimmicks

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