10 thoughts on “The Riftwar Saga

  1. John Montagne John Montagne says:

    Here is a fantasy series filled with tropes but it worked, nicely It falls somewhere in between what I d consider High Fantasy and contemporary fantasy If you re looking for some zany type fantasy world that you hadn t imagined, I wouldn t suggest this series But if you like your dwarv

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    I read these many years ago as a kid and thought that Pug was the bomb I was amazed at the magic and the depictions of war as not only blood and guts but an impressive exercise in tactics Lordy, I hadn t even read LOTR at this point Perhaps these books will still hold up upon a re read, contin

  3. Milo Milo says:

    Raymond E Feist may have earned himself a name but for me his writing is nothingthan mediocre From the beginning of the first book I could tell the Saga would be fairly dry but, like any devoted reader, I soldiered on These books aren t all bad mind you, there are some saving graces though the captiva

  4. Paul Taylor Paul Taylor says:

    This was the first set of adult books i read as a 14 year old way back in the mid 90 s and I have re read them all a dozen times orI ve now downloaded them onto Kindle so i can re live the story at any time I want Its very much a good vs evil novel with goblins elves and magic and swords where the good guy al

  5. D. Adam Smith D. Adam Smith says:

    Absolutely stunning, compelling, enthralling and darn well magical.A must read for ALL fantasy fans.

  6. Rachel Jones Rachel Jones says:

    This is my favorite series of all time Feist got me back into reading when I couldn t stomach YA and didn t know where to go from there, when so much was changing along with my reading taste that I didn t even know what to look for in a book The complexity of the plot, the sub plots, and the most massive over arching plot I

  7. Georgia Georgia says:

    It was a great pleasure reading the books Mr Feist is very good in building characters Pug, Jimmy The Hand, Arutha etc I loved the plot, the structure, the way the story unfolds Witchcraft, power, evil and good, friendship, kingdoms the books do not present something new to the reader However, when you finally complete the saga, it

  8. Giselle Giselle says:

    This book, like most others of this genre, is basically about the struggle between good and evil, but I think it presents its argument in a very unique way, especially using science fiction e.g the settings on two different planets as well as time travel There is also racial tensions between the inhabitants of both planets A good reflection

  9. Stuart Stuart says:

    I really liked the first two books in the series essentially the coming of age story of Pug as he becomes a magician , but didn t enjoy the latter two books Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon, which struck me astypical epic fantasy fare, so overall 3 stars.

  10. Linda Todd Linda Todd says:

    This series I loved very much so much so I have read the books a good few times as to date just finished reading them again at the end of last month these wonderful books are a must read for adventure lovers all over.

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