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Kindle Edition  » Savage Moon PDF/EPUB í Wesley Parker may not live up to the high standards of his preacher father and church going community, but despite a few teenaged antics here and there, he s worked hard at being what society would consider to be a good boy Suppressing his instincts, holding in his feelings, and living life in the closet for fear of rejection by his family and friends, has been hardbut Wesley has yet to give upHowever, when Wesley ends up spending time at a Bible camp for the Summer against his will, he comes across a small group of teens his age who are unlike any he s ever met before Friendsor so he thinks What happens when the animalistic nature is tempted to come into the light Who are we once the rules are broken, society s boundaries are stripped away, and only our deepest passions and wildest primal instincts remain Let Cyrus tap into that energyand let the beast out of its cage Short Story Part One of a series with to come soon Approxpages

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