Fear of Falling PDF/EPUB Á Fear of PDF/EPUB or

Fear of Falling PDF/EPUB Á Fear of  PDF/EPUB or See the first book in the series for a full review. David wants jump on horsebackthan anything, but he s very afraid of falling When his father comes home after a long absence, David must put aside his fears and prove himself worthy of his father s approval Good realistic prose. Considering I am a horseback rider myself, I learned something from this book.I will get better in riding not because I have something to prove And I will do that on not people time, but horse time. Fear of Falling is a great book I loved it was so sweet and amazing. I hate his dad but in the end he is okay. Nice little story about family, forgiveness, and, of course, horses I hope things work out for David and his family in future books. Okay, it s a J fiction series about kids and animals, my standards weren t particularly high in the first place, but this was annoyingly heavy handed If only David hadn t been so certain his dad could do no wrong If only his father had a single redeeming quality, instead of trying his hardest to win Skeeviest Dad of the Year Oh well. David doesn t know how to handle his Dad when he pushes David and his horse too hard during training for a competition

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