10 thoughts on “Work Suspended and other stories including Basil Seal Rides Again

  1. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    Evelyn Waugh was a snob, a racist, an anti semite and a fascist sympathiser whose attitude was, in the words of his biographer David Wykes,Waugh s racism was an illogical extension of his views on the naturalness and rightness of hierarchy as the main principle of social organisation. He was also jealous, personally nasty and malicious, had been a bully at school, and as James Lees Milne said,the nastiest tempered man in England. Waugh was, howev

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    There s a song on Tusk by Fleetwood Mac where the chorus is not that funny, is it repeated over over, this did spring into my mind as I was a reading Scoop but I opposed Lindsey Buckingham s punkish sneer with an urbane no, but it is amusing as in it kind of makes you nearly smile inwardly almost the whole time except when of course as you must expect this being Evelyn Waugh talking about a fictionalized Ethiopia in 1938 you hit the old colonial casu

  3. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Biting and cruel and ever so Waugh, this read aged well enough in its characters and mostly well in the events that illuminate them I read this about 35 years ago, alongside Waugh in Abyssinia, for a journalism course I am sure that s the reason I liked the book as well as I did, since I disliked William Boot with vigorous and vitriolic epithetry.Lord Copper, the vile capitalist, was Falstaffian fun, but I suspect I d find him less so in my own old manho

  4. Paul Paul says:

    2.5 starsI ve read little Waugh apart from Brideshead Revisited, which I loved Waugh is writing there about the decline of the upper classes and writing about people he knew This is a comic novel about Journalism and the newspaper industry and is a very effective satire Lord Copper, the tyrannical and megalomaniac newspaper boss was said to be based on Lord Northcliffe, but was probably also part Beaverbrook and Hearst The story is based on Waugh s experienc

  5. Karl Steel Karl Steel says:

    Second time reading.File this under guilty pleasures I m, well outraged isn t the right word, made weary by the dreariness of the other reviews of this book plot summaries, gestures towards its transhistorical narratives or towards its capturing that peculiar moment before the Nazis invaded Poland , and hamfisted comparisons to P G Wodehouse different sort of writer entirely, although, hilariously, Wodehouse does get a shoutout as the plot winds down And then, w

  6. BrokenTune BrokenTune says:

    Review was first posted on BookLikes nearly two weeks now, the bent and creased copy of Scoop sitting on my desk has been staring at me Patiently Waiting whether I was going to write a review or not On finishing the book I had exactly two feelings about it 1 As far as satire of the press goes, Waugh created the most delicious and entertaining spoof I could have imagined However, 2 This book contained so many openly racist and chauvinist remar Review was first posted

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    This book made me laugh out loud, something that books rarely do Then again, I don t read comical fiction Still, I suspect that, were I to look into the genre, Waugh would stand out in the crowd.This is the third book that I ve read from Waugh s work, and of the three it is the clear favorite Along with his usual talent for razzing British societal mannerisms, Waugh adds his satirical take on foreign policy in a small, developing country that is, ostensibly, under threa

  8. Fabian Fabian says:

    We know that there will be general confusion by the people employed to keep it together Newspaper novel where are the machines, the news, the excitement Plot Character The main character gets confused a true staple of Waugh but it really doesn t matter at the end, with these White Britons being interchangeable anyway This is my first wah wah wah experience by Waugh Handful of Dust, Decline Fall, Brideshead Revisited, Vile Bodies these are superb in a way that this one just

  9. Howard Olsen Howard Olsen says:

    Waugh followed the near perfect Handful of Dust, with Scoop, an absolutely perfect Newspaper Adventure that satirizes journalism, especially as practiced by foreign correspondents This was the perfect topic for Waugh not only did he work throughout a career as a foreign correspondent, journalists are a recurring stock character in his fiction Inevitably, Waugh portrays journalists as drunk, fast talking adventurers, who are not above making up a story in their pursuit of fame a

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Journalists seem to love this guy He s awfully snarky for a writer from the 1930s but oh so good A quick read, Scoop is about a man named John Boot gets accidentally sent to Ishmaila as a foreign correspondent The fellow manages to report some news after blazing through his budget and falling in love with a married gold digger named Katchen Meanwhile Waugh paints a hilarious portrait of foreign correspondent idiots creating fake news and running around chasing ridiculous leads It s

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