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Torrent PDF í Kindle Edition Survive the infection Survive the Infected Following his none too soon reunion with his friends at the safe house, Zed is hoping things can finally fall into a stable routine, but in post virus Austin, things are far from stable On a mission to raid the ammunition bunkers at Camp Mabry, Zed and Murphy spot a group of the newer, naked infected, who are exhibiting some sophisticated and disturbing new behaviors, such as scouting and hunting for themAfter a narrow escape, the two pass the home of Mr Mays on the return trip, stirring Zed s predictable rescuer impulse Finding Mr Mays dead, Zed brings fellow chain gang escapee Nico along to join the group, whose numbers have grown again, thanks to their merger with the girls on the riverboat, where the group has moved, as seems to be the safest hiding place Or is it

10 thoughts on “Torrent (Slow Burn, #5)

  1. Veronica Veronica says:

    Another great book by Booby Adair We are once again thrown into the midst of the Whites who seem hell bent on fooling all of Zeds best laid plans and whil

  2. Sheila Sheila says:

    Hooked I m hooked on these books I enjoy the characters, Murphy and Zed are so funny even when faced with tough situations, they still manage to make me lau

  3. Drew Martin Drew Martin says:

    As with the rest of this series, the story is interesting and the characters are well written, but it reads like an ongoing perhaps permanent story much like

  4. Christy Adams Christy Adams says:

    AwesomeAwesomeI love the slow burn series, can t wait for the next one great action, drama, and love, a great combination of everything that makes a book worth

  5. Sasha Sasha says:

    by far the best zombie series I have read bobby Adair has done it again I hate those bald whites as much as zed does I love zed and Murphy friend they have each o

  6. Blaine Moore Blaine Moore says:

    The series continues to improve with each book More survivers are found, lose that label, and a flood of near biblical proportions keeps the action moving along wi

  7. Cathy Harris Cathy Harris says:

    GreatThis series is well worth reading This book is just as good as the last It is a new take on the virus that changed the world Give it a try..

  8. John Merryman John Merryman says:

    Zed is the Indiana Jones of the post infection world Having a trusty side kick like Murphy along for the ride helps Bobby, hurry up and finish book 6.

  9. Helle Helle says:

    Thank you Finecat for the gift hugs 3 Thank you for making this Christmas special big hugs 3 3 3

  10. ❤ArtfullySinful❤ ❤ArtfullySinful❤ says:

    You re my lucky charm, not your own Loyalties will forever be pulled as taunt as their strings can hold, and shredded at the core day in and day out with the pressing numbe

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