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Learning Storm Epub í Ebook Create real time stream processing applications with Apache Storm About This BookIntegrate Storm with other Big Data technologies like Hadoop, HBase, and Apache KafkaExplore log processing and machine learning using StormStep by step and easy to understand guide to effortlessly create applications with StormWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Java developer who wants to enter into the world of real time stream processing applications using Apache Storm, then this book is for you No previous experience in Storm is required as this book starts from the basics After finishing this book, you will be able to develop not so complex Storm applications In Detail Starting with the very basics of Storm, you will learn how to set up Storm on a single machine and move on to deploying Storm on your cluster You will understand how Kafka can be integrated with Storm using the Kafka spoutYou will then proceed to explore the Trident abstraction tool with Storm to perform stateful stream processing, guaranteeing single message processing in every topology You will move ahead to learn how to integrate Hadoop with Storm Next, you will learn how to integrate Storm with other well known Big Data technologies such as HBase, Redis, and Kafka to realize the full potential of StormFinally, you will perform in depth case studies on Apache log processing and machine learning with a focus on Storm, and through these case studies, you will discover Storms realm of possibilities

10 thoughts on “Learning Storm

  1. Hanish Bansal Hanish Bansal says:

    Learning storm is great book to learn storm basics as well as various use cases of storm It is intended for Java developers who want to create and run real time applications on Apache Storm It will serve both as a getting started guide for inexperienced developers and as a reference to implement advanced use cases with Storm for experienced developers.Learning Storm will provide insights on the follo

  2. Sam Sam says:

    This is a fair overview for getting started with Storm It helped me an initial topology up and running, which is nice, since outside of the example topologies in storm starter, there s not a lot of great examples to find.

  3. Alex Ott Alex Ott says:

    Good as overview, but lack in depth explanations

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