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!!> Download ➽ Blubber  ➽ Author Judy Blume – Sunkgirls.info Read Blubber By Judy Blume Instaposter.us Blubber Is A Good Name For Her, The Note From Wendy Says About Linda Jill Crumples It Up And Leaves It On The Corner Of Her Desk She Doesn T Want To Think About Linda Or Her Dumb Report On The Whale Just Now Jill Wants To Think About Halloween.But Robby Grabs The Note, And Before Linda Stops Talking It Has Gone Halfway Around The Room.That S Where It All Starts There S Something About Linda That Makes A Lot Of Kids In Her Fifth Grade Class Want To See How Far They Can Go But Nobody, Least Of All Jill, Expects The Fun To End Where It Does.A New York Times Outstanding Book Of The Year

10 thoughts on “Blubber

  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    I was at the library with my children yesterday when I noticed the Judy Blume books I loved Judy Bloom when I was younger So I thought it would be interesting to reread some of them again Blubber is the one I read last night I remember when I read it the first time that I really related to the main character, Jill It is about

  2. Dawn Dawn says:

    The genius of this book is not that it doesn t impart any moral, it does, but it does so subtly, without condescension There s no comeuppance for the ringleading bully, no adult interference to save the tormented Hell, the girl who is picked on isn t all that sy...

  3. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    Don t be a hater.How many other books have you seen shelved by different goodreads users as mean girls teen faves childrens classics middle grade and postmodernism all at the same time

  4. Claire Claire says:

    My signed copy of Blubber is one of my most prized possessions This is an honest and sometimes painful to read portrayal of bullying It does not wrap up neatly, as few real life bullying situations do, but it does have some important lessons After reading this book, it is comforting to find Judy Blume s personal note about why she wrote it I wrote Blubber

  5. John Harder John Harder says:

    What is a 46 year old man doing reading literature directed for 12 year old girls I could say that my girlfriend made me read it, but it was only a recommendation and I went along willingly I am glad I did so In Blubber a middle school Nazi and her cadre of sheep persecute a marginally overweight girl This book was written at a time prior to all children being fat

  6. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    I finished this book days ago and here I sit, still not entirely sure how to review this I didn t like the bookmuch I hated Jill I never found anything to like about her at all She went along with the crowd and even when the tables were turned, she showed no compassion at all, with the attitude of She shouldn t let other people get to her The bullying was traumatic to read a

  7. Alissa Patrick Alissa Patrick says:

    I LOVE Judy Blume She is my childhood for sure When I think about how my love of reading started it was the Big 3 for me Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary and Ann M Martin.I remember reading this one in school but not much about it It s basically about bullying a girl named Linda, whom everyone calls Blubber because shes overweight and she does an oral report in class about whales I didn t r

  8. Peacha Peacha says:

    I did a long in depth review of this on my site entitled Judy Blume s Blubber Ballad of a Bully as you can see by the title , I wasn t too impressed by the supposed lesson every reader out there, believes we ve been taught Jill is painted as an unremorseful heroine who blames just about everyone for her actions, most specifically Wendy While Linda a.k.a Blubber is a most pathetic victim never i

  9. Allison Allison says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book was so sad I almost cried 5 different times But, Blubber also gave me a new insight on bullying I used to think most bullies had a rough life and or family, etc But, Blubber let me know that not every bully has to have extremely hard times Like Jill, some people...

  10. Adira Adira says:

    This book repulsed me in so many ways To have to watch read as an innocent child is torn to emotional shreds hurts my heart, even if she is a fictional character Even though Blume tries to give her main character a chance at redemption, I felt like this character was flat, evil, and horrible to anyone who seemed weaker ...

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