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Dead Boys of Verona PDF Ë Dead Boys  PDF \ Elliott is the new boy in school again He lives in a creepy house His classmates ignore him His bedroom is haunted And, he just might be losing his mindElliott isn t pleased about being exiled from Chicago to the sleepy town of Verona, Indiana, but he s determined to make the best of it He meets Marshall, who is undoubtedly the most bizarre boy in school, but who is the only one, other than his grandmother, that Elliott can trust not to be freaked out by the ghost in his bedroom and the strange dreams that might not be dreams at all Marshall introduces Elliott to a mismatched lot of companions a jock, a skater, a bookworm, and a boy who dresses as if it s still the s Elliott is delighted to have friends at last, but there s something rather odd about Derrick, Cory, Jared, and Keaton Nothing is quite as it seems in Verona, Indiana in the present or the past

10 thoughts on “Dead Boys of Verona

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    This book is an entertaining read, although predictable Still the characters are fun and it is learn a littleabout the character of Marshall I am reading these books out of order, but still there is an unfolding quality to the characters I really enjoy some of the paranormal explanations , but mostly the views and themes of death and the afterlife are comforting as well as thought provok

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    Another of Mark s Verona centered tales Since Marshall plays a part the story involves the supernatural but the secret behind the tale was pretty easy to guess I figured it out less than a tenth of the way in Oddly I had to think twice before I tagged this as a gay read Unlike all the other Mark Roeder books I ve read, the main character and most of the supporting characters in this one ar

  3. Preston Preston says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Another masterpiece by Mark A Roeder The gay boys are victorious with a HFN

  4. B B says:

    This was a pleasantly supprice audible, great narration, great plot , the writter keped me on my feet by wondering what was going to happen..Very good Young adult ghost story

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