The Bind Kindle Ø The Bind Kindle - Hardcover

The Bind  Kindle Ø The Bind  Kindle - Hardcover A lovely tale of book bindingand sibling rivalry. 3 3.5ish A really beautiful book that s just lacking in some substance It was so short and such a fast read that it was hard to get a feel for the characters and their relationships on than just a superficial level. This is a hilarious, fun, wee tale, beautifully drawn and full of character. The book covers the challenges and craft of bookbinding through a family s bookbinding business from over a century or so ago.My top three thoughts on The Bind 1 This is a very short and simple story The illustrations are beautiful and in sepia colors that aptly highlight nostalgia of a bygone era.2 The story doesn t leave room for any depth Everything is shown in it at a superficial level There s no time wasted on conflict resolutions or emotions I would have wanted to see on feelings towards loss and on the relationships within the family, especially sibling rivalry.3 I really enjoyed the frames where the ghost of the father who can t seem to let go of his business even after his death is lurking around in the building, silently judging his sons and cringing at the new way things are being done. A three star story with an extra star simply for the exquisite presentation of the book itself. Beautifully illustrated, super light and quick story, you kinda gotta know the basics of binding a book because it s not entirely explained, but I LOVED it. 3.5 starsThe artwork was the best part 5 stars for beautiful and accurate illustrations of traditional fine bookbinding, but I m not sure how well it translates for anyone who doesn t have hands on experience with, say, blind and gold tooling. The Bind is a story you read and next day you forget It was ok, it offers an entertaining read for an hour and that s it I won t be suprised to see it made into a movie though, it has this social generic feeling that makes for an adaptation The art is a bit aery and it flows nicely. The Bind charts the rise and fall of Egret Bindings, once the most prestigious firm of bookbinders in London.In 1910 brothers Guy and Victor Egret take on an ambitious commission a deluxe, jewelled binding of a collection of poems, A Moonless Land It proves to be a moment of hubris The work triggers their ruin, watched by the disapproving spirit of their father, Garrison Egret.A darkly humorous tale of sibling rivalry and creative one upmanship, The Bind shows once again that William Goldsmith is an incomparable storyteller and a marvellously inventive artist.

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