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The Knight's Kiss ePUB ã The Knight's  PDF/EPUB ² HE LIVED IN ONCE UPON A TIME When beautiful Princess Isabella of San Rimini needed an expert to probe the secrets of the royal palace, all roads led directly to dark, mysterious Nick Black a contemporary example of potent masculinity if ever there was one Yet thanks to a medieval curse, Nick Black had been around for a long timea very long time In fact, once he d been known as Domenico, an overzealous knight who would never know peace or mortality until he learned to put someone else s welfare above his own In taking this assignment, Nick hoped to find an ancient trick to break the spell Little did he know that close contact with her lovely highness, Isabella, might help him to find mortality and love the old fashioned way

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  1. Isha Coleman Isha Coleman says:

    The Knight s Kiss Royal Scandals San Rimini 4 by Nicole Burnham The Knight s Kiss by Nicole BurnhamMy rating 4 of 5 starsWas their love destined to be written in the stars or hindered by the hands of time Burnham brings class, heartache and magic to a modern fairytale When past and present collide, anything is possible The Knight s Kiss reads like the most memorable sonata Isabella and Nick

  2. Mary Mary says:

    The Knight s KissNicole Burnham some mild spoilers Domenico, 12th century, was following his duty to the king, and made a difficult decision not to assist someone in need He was cursed until he could abandon his ambition and sacrifice his desires for the sake of another What was the curse Immorality He stopped getting olderFast forward 800 or so years Princess Isabella of San Rimini wants an exp

  3. Avid reader Di Avid reader Di says:

    Review of The Knight s Kiss This is another book in the series Royals of San Rimini This time the focus is on a fairy tale The Cursed Knight that takes on life with Princess Isabella as one of the main characters The knight is Nick Black formerly known as Domenico He is actually over 800 years old but because of the cursed he has never aged, he is an intriguing character The book has a great beginnin

  4. Debbie Hanson Debbie Hanson says:

    The Knight s KissRoyal Scandals San Rimini 4Nicole Burnham I ve loved the other stories in this series, and I reflow enjoyed this one, but it s very different to the other San Rimini royal stories The Knights Kiss is Princess Isabella diTalora and her mystery man Nick Black It is a keep your mind open deal.Taking her mother s wishes for the catalogue and viewing of San Rimini s historical artifacts in an

  5. Virginia VanSaders Virginia VanSaders says:

    This is Book 4 of Royal Scandals San Remini Series.This is the story of Nick Princess Isabella Nick is originally from San Remini, almost 1,000 years ago Nick had a curse put on him many years ago, and he never ages He has to put someone s life first instead of his own for the curse to be broken Princess Isabella is the princess of San Remini Nick has been looking for Rufina, the witch that put a curse on him,

  6. Donna Donna says:

    Isabella the princess and Nick our mysterious knight want to be free to go out in public without been seen free from responsibility at least for a little bit free from a curse Isabella is a very busy princess and has duties and responsibilities not only to her family but to her country Nick is a mystery man because of the curse put upon him by a witch centuries ago They are lonely people hoping to find something fr

  7. M Smith M Smith says:

    Princess Isabella di Talora from San Rimini requires an expert in the artefacts and history of her homeland to catalogue the treasures found in the storage area of the family palace After some trouble she manges to engage Nick Black, a renowned expert and collector of San Riminian treaures However, Nick has come by his knowledge in an unusual way In actual fact he is a medieval knight who was cursed with immortality whe

  8. Jessica Wannamaker Jessica Wannamaker says:

    Isabella was after a piece of art and wanted to see him But he kept his life secret If he didn t his secrets would come out Nick Black was sent on a mission straight from the king, nothing could waver him from it It even meant not getting involved unfortunately that cursed him to live a very long long time without finding happiness without being able to connect except until questions arose and led to his solitude This was a

  9. Christine Christine says:

    Isabella and Nick have a very unique story in this series I honestly think this could be my favorite book of the series Nicole added some magic literally and the burden of time to bring together two lonely souls Neither of them are fully satisfied with their lives Nick is burned with the task of freeing himself from a curse no matter how much he feels he s sacrificed and helped others, it isn t enough to set him free Then there s

  10. Antonette Pierce Antonette Pierce says:

    I LOVED this book This was such a departure from the normal romance books Even though I don t really like paranormal type stories, I loved it Nick is actually a knight from the year 1190 that was cursed with eternal life The author does a great job detailing his troubles and the problems that plaque him At first when I read this, I thought, cool, eternal life, witnessing history Then there is the flip side of the coin, constantly fear

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