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Ebook  Ü Renaissance MOBI í Renaissance Is The 3rd In The Emerge Series, A Dystopian Young Adult Series By Heather Sunseri Sign Up For Heather S Newsletter At To Hear The Minute Anything New Is Released.New Caelum Is Virus Free, And Its Citizens Are Eager To Venture Outside For The First Time In Nearly Seven Years But When An Outsider Shows Up With A Near Fatal Dog Bite Along With A Harsh Message From Governor Jackson, It Becomes Clear The Elite People Of New Caelum Are Not Welcome Outside The Gates Of New Caelum And New Dangers Lurk In The Outside World.With Cricket Suffering Nightmares Over Past Battles And West Discovering A Dark Secret His Mother Kept Well Hidden From Him A Secret That Threatens To Tear Cricket And West Apart Forever, Cricket And West Leave The City In Search Of A Place For The People Of New Caelum To Settle They Will Not Only Have To Fight Governor Jackson S Obstacles, They Ll Be Searching For A Future Together Neither Of Them Is Confident Exists.

10 thoughts on “Renaissance (Emerge Series, #3)

  1. Ashley Ashley says:

    I absolutely loved the series It was great to read a book that had a strong female lead which sends such a great message to young women to earn that you can make your own choices even if at times you are dependent on a man I ...

  2. Anra Clark Anra Clark says:

    The love story is super cheesy and detracts the reader s attention from the main storyline Lots of things from the story were left unexplained The basis of the pandemic was ridiculous and I didn t enjoy the fact that the disease was no lon...

  3. John A. Sillasen John A. Sillasen says:

    Fair story, a few surprises make it worth your timeSequels usually have continuity This does and at times is quite predictable At others it takes unexpected turns Worth reading as a Sequel.

  4. Sheila gullick Sheila gullick says:

    Wonderful seriesWonderful series Absolutely love it Could not put it down Cricket was a great character West and cricket were great together.

  5. Heather Heather says:

    Renaissance, the third book in the Emerge series, is just as good as the first two There s lots of action in this one and a nice amount of romance, too Once again, I could barely put the book down and finished it in one day I think my husband was relieved when I finished it because I alwa

  6. Kim Goodwin Kim Goodwin says:

    Are you kidding me I am pretty sure I screamed this inside my head at least 5 times while reading Renaissance I ve read every one of Heather Sunseri s fantastic books and can t believe she still surprises me like this You ll never see these plot twists coming and will love seeing how...

  7. Helen Helen says:

    I love books about the apocalypse This was especially nice since there was an epidemic but no zombies Although I love zombies too Book was very well written and felt like something that could really happen.

  8. Abby Abby says:

    The end of the trilogy, I found this book less compelling than the others I like tat it filled in the gaps, but having a bad guy instead of the disease made it have a whole different tone Also, the last 3 chapters were total cheeseball.

  9. Barbara Conlee Barbara Conlee says:

    Loved this series I absolutely loved this series It left me wanting to knowabout the way their life turns out Hoping for another book.

  10. Lori Lori says:

    It wasn t badIt was a good read but a bit predictable Nonetheless, I enjoyed it It kept my attention And if it s a series, I can t just stop.

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