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Ebook  Ü F.A.I.T.H. Kindle í I was broken Nothing, no one could fix me Until you came into my life again I wish I had gone with you that day instead of him Because, now I can t imagine how I spent the previous years of my life without you by my side You are my savior You showed me that its okay to be broken and you showed me that I wasn t alone You were with me i love you for that But I hate that I love you I was never good with love I m scared that one day I ll wake up without you by my side One day you will realize that you are better off without me and I don t want that day to come Not now, not ever I love you too much to let you go I finally have a place in this world and that is next to you You once said, Our mistakes compliment each other Truer words than these were never said before We are both broken and incomplete but together, we re whole and we re fixed We might be too bad for the others, but we are good for each other They say all good things come to an end, but I m bad and so are you Together, we are horrible But that just means that we re inevitable You are mine and I promise to forever be yours

10 thoughts on “F.A.I.T.H.

  1. Vinodini Subaramaniam Vinodini Subaramaniam says:

    Not going to lie Ending was adorable plus amazayn Dawn interrupting again xD But to see, if there s a sequel it would be my kryptonite You, my friend are an amazayn writer You took this book and transformed it into something thousands of people have read and loved When I s

  2. Rabiya Rabiya says:

    I really want the author to update the rest of chapters because the last time she updated was last year I guess. Ugh i don t even remember wattpad

  3. Emily Mckenna Emily Mckenna says:

    At first I thought it was another stupid book about a boy and girl hating each other then falling in love, but then all these twists and turns appeared This story is a tangled web and is a great read if you love mysteries It will keep you guessing and you will not be able to put the book do

  4. Maria Maria says:

    All I can say is this is the best book I have ever read in my whole life EVER Thank you so much for writing this book Jo you made my life happier you have no idea I wish you all the best in your life and I m sure that one day this book will take over the world boy I can Not wait for that day to come

  5. Monika Monika says:

    I Can t even think of anything to write down here Two words FUCKING AMAZING

  6. Hajra Kanwal Hajra Kanwal says:

    I ve read so many books with different description of love yet they all seemed the same Like there always was that love at first sight aspect to it However this book showed me another point of view These two people Lexis and Fayth love each other but because of their pasts they have build themselves in such a way tha

  7. Gauri Gauri says:

    THIS BOOK IS MIND BLOWING In the YA column.This book was written in wattpad and that is where I read it In my first attempt I tried to read it but I got confused what it happening but in my second try I was able to grasp the plot and was in my just one pagemode and completed in a few hours.It was so exciting to see the encoun

  8. Captain Dem the second Captain Dem the second says:

    I was totally impressed i mean at the start it was confusing and mysterious but when you finally learn the truth is a total twist and it was mind blowing.I couldnt believe that this book was written by a teenage girl and i was so so excited i dont want to say which boy i really liked because it would be a spoiler. Andrew was sweet and

  9. Maria Maria says:

    to anyone reading wattpad and is sick of the cliche books I recommend this book Its probably the only book I ve written a review on This book has everything humour,romance, emotion and a amazing plot It made me cry buckets and made me laugh when it ended i felt as if the world ended NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL.to the author of this book if you rea

  10. Khadijah Khadijah says:

    AMAZING sooo full of twists and surprises that you just cant put the book down D

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