Paradigm Shift: How proper organization and preparation

Paradigm Shift: How proper organization and preparation We all want consistent trading results, but how many of us have actually prepared for this Trading is a highly competitive field and a very challenging endeavor where the learning curve is known to be very steep The very nature of financial markets makes them uncertain and almost impossible to predict on a trade by trade basis Hence, people who like to use their intellect to predict the markets are the ones who typically don t make it as consistently profitable traders People who need to have that kind of certainty not acting until they know what will happen next are the ones who experience the most frustration because they are expecting something that the markets just cannot provide And, in today s markets we are required than ever to adapt and evolve in a manner that is quick and concise, if we want to acquire even the slightest edge The Trading Easyread series targets the new generation of online traders who have an unquenchable desire to profit from the markets and who are willing to do the work necessary to achieve that goal This book was written by a professional trader for beginning and intermediate level traders Professionals will also find value in it as it can help them refresh their already acquired skills The irony of all this is that, when your paradigm shifts when you acquire a trader s mindset and, can remain confident in the face of constant uncertainty trading will be as easy and as simple as you probably thought it was when you first started out It is my hope is that the material presented in this book will bring you one step closer to that ideal mindset

10 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift: How proper organization and preparation are the back-bones of any trading success (Trading Easyread Series Book 1)

  1. Chandru Chandru says:

    Well worth a read, especially for stock market professions on how to manage their emotional capital.

  2. Jacqui Allen Jacqui Allen says:

    I really enjoyed this book it is packed with great tips and information to improve one s trading I think I would getout of it if I read it a fewtimes as there is so much to take in I found myself highlighting lots of information to go back to This book doesn t offer anything related to learning trading, t

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