For All Our Tomorrows PDF ´ For All eBook ð

For All Our Tomorrows PDF ´ For All  eBook ð Really enjoyed this book the author has gone her research if you have any knowledge of war time brides you know these tales are very true. 3 4 of the way through I began to enjoy it Interesting insight to the war from a female perspective. Not recommendedGood story line but unnecessary pages of descriptions of sex, which made the novel a cheap paperback romance It could be edited into a good historic fiction novel I won t readby lightfoot. Story about a woman with two children whose husband is leading a double life as a spy in wartime Also tells of her sister who is in love with two American soldiers and has to choose between them The book gives a good account of GI brides and how their lives turned out when they landed in America. I had a hard time getting into this book but by the time I reached the middle I became hooked on it I figured out pretty much how it would end but wanted to read the details I would recommend it if you like stories dealing with WWII and how people coped with the hardships of that time which I do I felt Ms Lightfoot brought her characters to life showing us their emotions without going over board. Great easy read Really enjoyed Slow to get going, a little predictable towards the end but a good read in between if you like war time sagas From Sunday Times bestselling author, Freda Lightfoot , when hundreds of US Marines arrive at a quiet Cornish town, two lives will never be the same againTrapped in a small town resistant to change, Bette can t resist handsome GI, Chad But when reality draws in, Bette realises that their love was based on empty promises Meanwhile Bette s sister Sarah, is tormented by her possessive husband, but even his jealous attempts to keep her out of temptation can t prevent Sarah falling for officer Charlie Caught in the very worst of times with the turmoil and upheaval of war all around them, can these sisters find a brighter future for tomorrowA compelling family drama for fans for Maureen Lee and Katie FlynnPraise for Freda LightfootFreda s book was a joy to read for her characters were so believable and richly drawn I really cared what happened to them and interspersed with the story was the arrival of the Americans, who caused such a furore in that small Cornish town as D Day approaches, And when World Wargrinds to a halt, people s lives are changed for ever It was a real page turner with a very satisfying end Anne Bennettt

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