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Ebook  ê Envy ePUB í When you re finally free and living life the way you should, you don t take it for granted and Lauren and Natasha certainly don t After the dreadful kidnapping, they now live happy amongst the Kings of Rebellion MC, their new found family However, certain people don t like that they are now free and not spending the nights in their beds A plan comes together and it s the innocent that always gets hurt When the Devil s come to claim what they think is theirs, can the girls escape them with the help of their men, or will they live at the hands of the Devil s for the rest of their existence because a life at the hands of a Devil is no life at all Find out in Envy

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  1. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    You don t have to be blood to be familyEnvy picks up right where Karma leaves off The girls are currently safe with their new MC family, but their scars remain The damage has been done and there s no undoing the memories or the rage that remains As the girls draw strength from each other, they try to move on with with their lives.Lauren and Grim are still in their love bubble and are taking all the good natured teasing in stride Natasha is living with Lauren Grim, needing to stay close to You don t

  2. Jennifer McGurk Finn Jennifer McGurk Finn says:

    This is the second book in the Kings of Rebellion MC Series by K.T Fisher I absolutely loved Karma but after reading Envy I feel like they were written by two different people The grammar mistakes were annoying and there was a lot of them so it was very distracting It was boring and I found myself skipping pages which I never do This one seemed like a fan of Karma wrote it without having written a book before Also on a side note I find it impossible to believe that five men would leave the This is the seco

  3. Lee-anna Dunk Lee-anna Dunk says:

    So goodI can t recommend this series highly enough K.T Fisher brings it all to the table in the second installment of Kings of Rebellion MC Envy follows on from Karma book one And just like the first book Envy didnt disapoint Natasha and Devlyn has worked hard to get to wear they are now with Natashas trauma and scars bestowed upon her from her kidnapping with the Devils by Demon and Strike, Natasha fights everyday to put the nightmares to rest and try to get on with her life Devlyn swears So goodI can t recommen

  4. Kacey Hamford Kacey Hamford says:

    I really enjoyed this book, I loved how it carried on from Karma and i loved how it was told in multiple POVs i loved Grim and Lauren in Karma and i was glad that they were still featured in this book I love the connection between Natasha and Devlin, he is definately in the running for book boyfriend I m very pleased with the ending I won t give too much away and i loved that there is room forbooks from the other characters I d like to see a Drew book and Bomber Great book x

  5. Sandy Knox Sandy Knox says:

    I enjoyed this sequel to Karma BUT, I seriously thought it would beabout Grim and Lauren with some Devlin Natasha thrown in, not the story of Dev Nastasha with some Grim Lauren and the others thrown in There wasn t anywhere near as much suspense and excitement in this book The sexual relationship between Devlin Natasha was stretched out entirely too long And to top it off the ending really sucked I cannot recommend this book I enjoyed this sequel to Karma BUT, I seriously thought it would beabout Grim and Lauren with some Devl

  6. Fiona Sheldon Fiona Sheldon says:

    This book follows on from where Karma left off Lauren and the girls are safe and living with the MC family who rescued them and is starting to relax But is she safe Does she get the HEA she deserves After discovering there is a rat amongst them, things again don t go to plan and Lauren again finds herself in trouble and in danger Does she get rescued this time Looking forward to the 3rd installment

  7. Wendy Hodges Wendy Hodges says:

    Intense and lots of build up to the climax of the story and to the couple eventually having sex, however although the plot was fairly good there were a few inconsistencies and lots of grammar issues that should have been picked up by early readers and or editor This did slightly spoil the story as well as some of it being a bit far fetched Now honestly I am not a reviewer who takes joy in marking down or being to critical, so this was hard for me to do now Has this put me off readingof Intense and lots of build up to the climax of the story

  8. Mia Catherine Mia Catherine says:

    I enjoyed the story for the most part, and enjoyed learning what happened to the characters in this sequel to Karma The editing in this one, however, was horrible There were so many typos, missing words, incorrect pronouns, etc., I was consistently taken out of the story when I had to reread sentences, trying to figure out what was really supposed to be said I wasn t a fan of the various points of view Trying to keep track of everyone took away from what I d hoped to be the focus the buddi I enjoyed the story for the most part, and enjoyed learnin

  9. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Errors galore DisappointedOkay, so I really enjoyed Book 1, and then came book 2 I was excited to read it And Then.I don t think this book was ever edited It has too many errors not just spelling errors either.I think the Author actually forgot what she put in Book 1 Not only is the books too similar love, same threats and beatings, and same sex scenes, She states that Natasha repeated the same torture on Both Savage and Demon, which is not true she drew on Demon and burnt Savage.I wi Errors galore DisappointedOkay, so I really enjoyed Book 1, and then c

  10. Debbie Thomson Debbie Thomson says:

    This book was amazing, totally loved Tasha and Devlin together, they had such a connection and she had been through so much..however this would have been a 5 star but there was way too many spelling and grammar errors in the book that it became frustrating and on occasion stopped my flow of the book

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