The Cowboy's Convenient Bride MOBI ´ The Cowboy's

The Cowboy's Convenient Bride MOBI ´ The Cowboy's FOR HER DAUGHTER Laura Jessup is used to the rumors everyone in tiny Gibson, Montana, thinks she s a home wrecker And Laura can handle that if it means protecting her daughter from her sweet girl s father Only hunky EMT Tanner Hudson seems immune to the gossipmongers The solution he proposes a marriage in name only might just be crazy enough to workif only Laura can keep her heart out of itTanner wasn t sure Laura would accept a platonic marriage, even though it would stop the rumor mills and get his own family off his back But as the wedding draws closer, Tanner worries that his plan is working a little too well He s falling for Laura, hard They thought they were ready for marriage, but are Tanner and Laura prepared for real love

10 thoughts on “The Cowboy's Convenient Bride

  1. Shelly Shelly says:

    Laura has been living with rumors to protect and keep her daughter safe Better to have rumors, looks and living a lonely life with her daughter safe than for people to know the truth and risk her daughter s safety There is one person who has never turned his back on her, sexy Tanner Hudson Getting to knowabout Tanner has Laura wishing forthan convenience and protection, she finds he

  2. Luli Luli says:

    3.5 stars.Ha sido bonito, sencillo y rom ntico Nada m s y nada menos.No hay sexo, apenas hay drama y la premisa es casi imposible de creer en estos d as, pero no ha estado mal del todo Si puedes por un momento creer en los razonamientos de los protagonistas la historia es muy dulce.No esperes nada del otro mundo S lo la t pica historia de Harlequ n Romance para pasar un buen rato.3.5 star

  3. Jo (Mixed Book Bag) Jo (Mixed Book Bag) says:

    We met Laura Jessup in the previous book in this series She is running from the Father of her baby and has let the small town believe someone else is the Father I wondered how Alward would bring Tanner and Laura together She does it in a very convincing way A great follow up to The Cowboy s Christmas Family Both are great feel good books.

  4. Books and Spoons Books and Spoons says:

    What a lovely story, filled with heartwarming characters, adorable baby, and a little turbulence with a family.Both Laura and Tanner won my heart quickly They were such good, solid characters, people who have made mistakes, faced the consequences, own up to them, and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect those they love How can you not love them Tanner was there as a professional, when Laura

  5. Katrina Epperson Katrina Epperson says:

    Donna Alward brings us a sweet romance that will warm your heart She has developed complex characters with very real issues that will easily worm their way into your heart from page one Laura Jessup grew up in the small town of Gibson, Montana and left soon after graduation Her return unfortunately was harder than she has planned though A lapse in judgement has cost her not only her reputation, but also he

  6. Jessica Figueroa Jessica Figueroa says:

    There is no way to get away from the town s gossip, if it wasn t for the fact that her family live there she would ve left But it s a bitcomplicated than that She s is known as a homewrecker to everyone except for those few who know who is the real father of her baby Then in come Tanner giving her an offer she cannot refuse a marriage, a name change, chance to be seen differently It s a marriage of convenience.I

  7. Maggie Hesseling Maggie Hesseling says:

    This novel gave me exactly what I expected Strong characters, an interesting story, and a diverting few hours When reputations are brought into play, characters have the ability to surprise you the reader , each other, but mostly themselves And that s especially the case here, especially with Tanner and Laura who have each been shoved into a mold by their families and town folk Seeing them break barriers and discover

  8. Lorelei Frank Lorelei Frank says:

    Love stories set on ranches with rugged men and strong family bonds This story had a bit of a twist to it with the secret few characters knew For Laura to live with the nasty gossip said about her to protect her child, dealing with the hurt and feeling of hopelessness of ever having anyone beside her, yet again we see the courage mothers must have to make a better and safe place for their young ones

  9. Jennifer McMurrain Jennifer McMurrain says:

    The reason I love Harlequin books is they are sweet and you know there s going to be a happily ever after at the end, but they are written well enough you want to see how it gets there Donna Alward keeps up with that Harlequin tradition with The Cowboy s Convenient Bride A well written tender book that I highly recommend.

  10. Deanna Vrba Deanna Vrba says:

    Laura Jessup was raising a baby girl Name Rowan and she agree to marry Tanner only in name only because Tanner and her wasn t looking for love, but Tanner fell in love with Laura and her baby girl and it make me believe that love exist when you take a chance and follow your heart.

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