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Fragments of Your Soul PDF/EPUB Ù Fragments of  Epub Since the sudden death of her father, Arvid Bergen is fighting to support herself and her unemployed mother After she unintentionally crosses the border to another world, Arvid is driven by a single wish to leave this dark mirror world as soon as possible Looking for assistance with this seemingly impossible task, Arvid encounters the god Loke with whom she strikes a bargain However, her confidence is suddenly shaken when she learns that Loke is a liar, traitor and murderer and one she should neither trust nor help But longing for home, Arvid throws caution to the wind

10 thoughts on “Fragments of Your Soul

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    Arvid demands to speak to the managerNow, I really liked this bookand despite how much I disliked Arvid s personality, I liked her as a character even when I was yelling at her through the

  2. Meret Magdi Meret Magdi says:

    5 stars Let me start by saying, LOOK AT THAT COVER Its so beautiful..I have always had a thing for Loki..It took me a very long time to find this book and I was very excited to finally be read

  3. mirba mirba says:

    First of all the cover It is just amazing The best cover ever, but this is not a book to read just for the romance.The story itself is good, even if it takes a little while to get into it properly

  4. Veronica Snaccache Baker Veronica Snaccache Baker says:

    Super Recommended Super Recomendo The writing is well tied, fluid and engaging story Unfortunately there is no Portuguese translation my mother tongue so I had difficulties with a few expressions But

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksSince the death of her father, Arvid Bergen has worked hard to support herself and her mother When she accidentally steps through a portal that leads to another w

  6. Julia Julia says:

    Can t wait for the sequel I could have taken a few marks for for some odd phrasing used, but that was before I realized this was translated from another language into English That said this was a fantastic bo

  7. Erin Erin says:

    Crazy loveBilly Joel sings a song, You May Be Right There s a line in it that very much applies to this book, maybe it s a lunatic you re looking for No need to turn off the lights, the world they re in is of Sha

  8. S A M | The Book in Hand_ S A M | The Book in Hand_ says:

    This is a difficult book for me to review because I have mixed feelings about it One moment I loved this book and there are elements within it that really intrigued me Yet the first 50% of the book dragged The plot w

  9. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    This book felt a bit like pulling teeth starting out, it s very slow to start and personally I didn t find ANY of the characters particularly likable They do grow on you over time as they grow and change I started really

  10. Rébecca Mathieu Rébecca Mathieu says:

    An absolute delight So rich in original remixed mythology, and the love story was well developed, the characters likable and their progress intriguing thorough the story I would have left this review in German as I bought th

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