The Team MOBI í Hardcover

The Team MOBI í Hardcover Fourteen year old Ruth acquires what is considered an unsuitable pony and determines to train him so that she can become a member of the Pony Club team Sequel to Fly by Night

10 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Mary Pagones Mary Pagones says:

    What I enjoyed most about The Team was its cast of secondary characters, particularly the battleaxe of a Pony Club district commissioner Mrs Meredith Mrs Meredith has no compunction about sacrificing children s egos or even the odd broken limb to win a rally and there is no twenty first century hand holding to her style of coaching Peter McNair is also a truly unique character, utterly ob

  2. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    A tale packed with real people, real horses, real occurrences I almost know these folks, almost rode those horses, almost had this happen to me I didn t ride Pony Club, which is under 16, but I competed in Riding Club at 16 and found many similarities An eventing team is being formed for a one day event, and a new purchase, a rogue, a stalwart pony and young riders are under consideration I n

  3. Jenn Jenn says:

    Just as good as Fly by Night

  4. Aldi Aldi says:

    Well, this was a fast turnaround, certainly K.M Peyton has an intriguing knack for writing selfishness as a central character flaw sometimes it s really well done and makes you root for the character anyway Flambards and Will come to mind other times you end up wanting to slap the character a whole lot hi Minna from the Roman pony series, I loathe you This one fell into the latter category, sadly I l

  5. Priscilla King Priscilla King says:

    Considering that I liked the other Ruth Hollis books when I was about Ruth s age, I think I might just have discovered this one too late My feeling is that Peyton was just reworking the basic idea of Fly by Night Tough, sweet girl, determined to have a pony although her parents can hardly afford one, has outgrown her first pony, whom it was a challenge just to keep and ride Now she wants to ride in shows

  6. Arska-täti Arska-täti says:

    Ruth Hollisin tarina jatkuu Mielenkiintoinen kuvaus vanhan ajan hevoskilpailuista Onneksi nyky n puututaan hevosten kohteluun v h n toisella tavalla kuin tuohon aikaan Erikoista on my s se, miten vaativia kilpailuja juniori ik isille poniratsukoille oikein j rjestettiink n.

  7. Cheyenne Blue Cheyenne Blue says:

    Sequel to the much better Fly by Night , this story continues with Ruth Hollis, Peter McNair and their families, while introducing new characters.One of the reasons that Fly was so delightful was that it deviated from the usual pony book trope of schooling and endless bloody circles that the worthy pony heroines usually employ to break school the unmanageable pony they ve acquired Don t get me wrong, I enjoy tho

  8. Yellowoasis Yellowoasis says:

    A great sequel to Fly by Night I always enjoy how her adolescent characters have to work for everything, and make an effort And they don t always get what they want Lots of pony background and a little hint of teenage love towards the end.

  9. Tabitha Suzuma Tabitha Suzuma says:

    Favourite childhood author who read my first attempt at a book when I was 17, despite having never met me

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