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➹ Balance Free ➯ Author Leia Stone – Sunkgirls.info Ever Since Kai Revealed The Supernatural Race To The Humans, Riots And Chaos Have Reigned Down On Mount Hood Aurora Is Going Crazy Just Sitting Around And Waiting For Layla To Show Up So That Aurora Can Finish Her Task And Kill Her, Bringing Peace To Her Pack Kai Does Everything In His Power To Keep Aurora Safe And Confined On The Heavily Guarded Mountain But He Should Know That No One Can Really Keep Aurora From The Things She Wants In Life She Is Determined To Find Layla And End This War, Forever But At What Cost

10 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Ari Reavis Ari Reavis says:

    Soooo I really liked the first 2 books This one, not so much The main reason, Aurora To me, she was so selfish and careless in this book She put herself in harm s way again and again I understand her intentions were good, but her mate, and her own life for that matter, always seemed to be an after thought It irked me a great deal Other than th

  2. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    This book is definitely the best out of the trilogy It is action packed from start to finish and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out what would happen At some points I was seriously worried about how everything was going to play out but the book ended on a perfect note My only minor complaint is that some of the characters annoyed me quite

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    OH MY GOOD LORD JESUS This book is absolutely amazing, and heartbreaking at times This whole series has been a seriously kick ass joy ride and I am so happy that I found it Aurora is such a strong woman and determined to save her family, pack, and herself Mrs Stone couldn t have wrote her or her story any better I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU READ THIS SERIES You won t reg

  4. bookreaderinluv but she& bookreaderinluv but she& says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here So this was much better than the first two, but still pretty cringy Like the writing was slightly better, and the story went pretty smoothly, since the first two books were dumpsters of information, that was only confusing.The end was sooo underwhelming, for three books the mc was annoying the

  5. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    What an epic finale to a truly epic series Everything I could have hoped for andwas placed into this book, and I could not besatisfied with the ending that I received At this marvelous conclusion to the Matefinder series, I was not left with a single lingering question, and though my heart aches for those lost souls, it rejoices over the happy endings which were given to the survivo

  6. Bree Bree says:

    It genuinely hurts my soul that so many people are so against Auroras actions in this book, calling her selfish against her mate Well I m here for the flip side I HATE KAI He is possessive and controlling and manipulative and selfish His mate has the ability to save the effing world and instead of trying to understand the responsibility she feels and the actions only she can take, he LITERALL

  7. Denitsa Denitsa says:

    I liked the first two book a lot and from the perspective of the story, the third one didn t disappoint me either But Aurora was sooo annoying I couldn t relate to her at all She was selfish in her relationship with Kai She tried to see thing from his perspective onceONCE And only for 5 seconds After that it was again about her and how she is a strong independent woman She was strong and extremely stup

  8. Isabelle Ray Isabelle Ray says:

    This was my least favorite book of the trilogy Personally, I started to get bored and annoyed the majority of this book I was over Aurora being a pain in the butt to her mate, blaming everything on the Devi I was over Queen Layla wanting her blood, and Aurora threatening to do things but nothing would happen This book personally felt dragged out It had a somewhat happy ending I appreciate the deaths, oddly enoug

  9. Lori Lori says:

    BalanceWhat a great ending Page after page of gripping suspense I can see why someone would want to make this story into a movie It is great.I will definite y be readingof this author s work.

  10. claire obrien claire obrien says:

    The new mate bond Loved how she fought for everything creating a new bond with the females How she killed layla and how she come back Very good read.

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