Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair

Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair Beards they re all the rage these days Take a look around from hip urbanites to rustic outdoorsmen, well groomed metrosexuals to post season hockey players, facial hair is everywhere The New York Times traces this hairy trend to Big Apple hipsters circaand reports that today some New Yorkers pay thousands of dollars for facial hair transplants to disguise patchy,

10 thoughts on “Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair

  1. Anna Anna says:

    I saw the cover and just started to laugh then I read it.This book is a fantastic read I was intrigued by the concepts of the 4 beard movements in western history and especially the inner beard.In short, thr

  2. Dennis Dennis says:

    I may be suspected of bias given the topic, but I ll start by saying most of the books I ve read on beards are dull or oddly antiquated This one stands head and shoulders above the others Oldstone Moore manages to te

  3. Ryan Hebert Ryan Hebert says:

    I really enjoyed this book, but it was an almost entirely White history of beards It s a fascinating read, but I was left feeling like it was history class all over again, thinking well what about everyone else

  4. Devin Curtis Devin Curtis says:

    This is a great book on the history of masculinity Obviously it s very focused, but therein lies its strength The first half of the book dealing with ancient medieval history was the most compelling, likely because the events are far

  5. Clark Hays Clark Hays says:

    Let your beards grow, all ye who are ugly and wish to be handsome HugoFull disclosure I have a beard Not like a Walt Whitman or a Leo Tolstoy beard to be sure By comparison, it s a pretty modest expanse of facial hair I also call Portland home

  6. Judith Judith says:

    O M surveys the history of beards in the western world, from Babylonian and ancient Egyptian times to the current day It would have been interesting to have some chapters on beards in the far East and Africa beyond Egypt , though he does touch briefly

  7. Denise Louise Denise Louise says:

    Fascinating book on the culture of male facial hair The history of beardedness vs beardlessness is complex and varied and the author does a great job in describing the trends and reasonings Not just a fashion statement, facial hair, or lack thereof, has let men

  8. Jehnie Jehnie says:

    This book is a great addition to the works on the cultural history of the body It is refreshing to read an academic analysis of masculinity written in the same vein as much of the literature on femininity I don t think every chapter worked equally well I was put off by

  9. Joshua Joshua says:

    Interesting look at beards and what they say about culture from religious, warrior, attractiveness points of view How great men influenced a standard of shaved or bearded How religion and God s and how we worship decided whether we had beards How the middle ages ideology of clea

  10. Lesley Lesley says:

    Who knew facial hair could be so interesting I liked the story telling style of writing too, as opposed to just information Fun read

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