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Sister of Mine PDF ò Sister of  MOBI :í When two Union soldiers stumble onto a plantation in northern Georgia on a warm May day in , the last thing they expect is to see the Union flag flying high or to be greeted by a group of freed slaves and their Jewish mistress Little do they know that this place has an unusual historyTwelve years prior, Adelaide Mannheim daughter of Mordecai, the only Jewish planter in the county was given her own maid, a young slave named Rachel The two became friends, and soon they discovered a secret Mordecai was Rachel s father, tooAs the country moved toward war, Adelaide and Rachel struggled to navigate their newfound sisterhood from love and resentment to betrayal and, ultimately, forgivenessNow, facing these Union soldiers as General Sherman advances nearer, their bond is put to the ultimate test Will the plantation be spared Or will everything they ve lived for be lostRevised edition Previously published as Slave and Sister, this edition of Sister of Mine A Novel includes editorial revisions

10 thoughts on “Sister of Mine

  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I wavered with this book, back and forth between three or four stars Some sections grab you, pull you in and won t let you go Other sections are weaker ordinary, cute or holier than thou Unfortunately, the ending was for me too neat and too sweet, the result being I gave it three stars I liked the book I can recommend it to others Many adore such endings

  2. Lois Lois says:

    Slavery from the owners point of viewThis book is a mess The author has researched Jewish chattel slave owners in the US but does not seem to have studied slavery from the pov of the enslaved.The characters don t behave in realistic ways This feels like white guilt wrote a book.

  3. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    Sister of Mine explores a rarely discussed part of the Antebellum South the Jewish community, many of whom were wealthy slaveholders Through the lives of Adelaide Mannheim and her sister Rachel who is her slave, we get an intimate look at slavery s destructiveness Both women are severely limited by society s laws and expectations We see the pervasive cognitive diss

  4. Sonya Heaney Sonya Heaney says:

    It s not perfect, but I m giving it five because of how interesting I found it.Also posted HERE.This is an epic sort of story, one that seemed to take me a while to read, but one I m very glad I did Dealing with slavery and sisterhood in the lead up and duration of the US Civil War in the mid nineteenth century, Sister of Mine is told from the perspective of two young S

  5. SenoraG SenoraG says:

    Listened to the audio book I feel this is one of those times when the audio book was better The narrator was one of the best that I ve heard.

  6. George Bristow George Bristow says:

    Well writtenThe story pulled me along until the two sisters end up with the same man Then it was strangeI also didnt think so much sexual details was necessary for the story Would have been better without it.

  7. Deborah Bailey Deborah Bailey says:

    Contains spoilers A complex and layered story that drew me in to the point where I couldn t put the book down What happens when emotions come in conflict with a system that rationalizes and perpetuates a cruel and inhumane practice Can you be enslaved and yet allow yourself to love and commit in a world where you cannot call your body your own It amazed me that a first time author, Sa

  8. Ariel Uppstrom Ariel Uppstrom says:

    The first half of this book was great It really captured the complexity of the South during slavery and the relationships between slaves, mixed slaves, and their white masters However, then the white mistress s Adelaide half black sister Rachel falls in love with her master and starts a relationship with him The idea that she was actually in love with him and allowed the relationship to go

  9. Kerry Pickens Kerry Pickens says:

    Read it for a book club Didn t find it particularly interesting as I am not into softcore porn, and it was full of stereotypes The white women were all frigid and the black women represented sexual desire The slave women did not have love affairs with their slave owners, they were beaten and raped This book also perpetuates the myth that black men will riot and kill all the white people, which

  10. Nancee Nancee says:

    My thoughts Daughter of a Jewish cotton planter, Adelaide develops a friendship with her young personal maid, Rachel Mordecai Mannheim fathered the half sisters born to different mothers, one Jewish, the other a black slave The girls became friends, and Adelaide taught Rachel how to read and do numbers Forbidden to slaves, Rachel s reading and numbers became her advantage as time passed The Civil Wa

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