The Selected Poems of Cavafy eBook × Poems of

The Selected Poems of Cavafy eBook × Poems of The Greek poet C P Cavafy 1863 1933 is one of the most singular and poignant voices of twentieth century European poetry, conjuring a rich interior world through lyrical evocations of remembered passions, imagined monologues and dramatic retellings of his native Alexandria s ancient past.

10 thoughts on “The Selected Poems of Cavafy

  1. Eadweard Eadweard says:

    Great poems A few that I liked a lot VoicesIdeal voices, the beloved voicesof those who have died or of those who arelost to us as if they were dead.Sometimes they speak to us in dreams sometimes, in thought, the mind hears them.And with their sounds for a moment returnsounds from our life s first poetry

  2. Χαρά Ζ. Χαρά Ζ. says:

    I love Cavafy and his totally free way of writing poetry This edition has both Greek and English poems The translation is pretty solid, well made and the feeling is the same which is extrordinary His style has a lot to do with it and i would recommend it to people who are not familiar with poetry Amazing edit

  3. Denis Denis says:

    It always amazes how, sometimes, one finds a book completely by chance, and this book happens to be exactly what one needed at that very moment Those selected poems by Cavafy are such a book I knew the name, but nothing else The cover caught my eyes I bought it And I immediately fell under the charm of those unusu

  4. Poupeh Poupeh says:

    Part of The City , so far my most favorite poem in the book You will find no new land you will find no new seas.This city will follow you You will wander the samestreets and grow old in the same neighborhoods your hair will turn white in the same houses.And you will always arrive in this city Abandon any hopeof finding

  5. Abeer Abdullah Abeer Abdullah says:

    Cavafy never published a volume of poetry in his lifetime, instead he chose to publish each poem separately in magazines or small self published pamphlets given to anyone who s interested I think he did that on purpose considering the fact that he was famous enough to publish a full volume.having to read these poems consecu

  6. J.W.D. Nicolello J.W.D. Nicolello says:

    Doth thou seeketh epigraphs

  7. Andrada Andrada says:

    I came across a quote from one of Cavafy s poems while visiting an exhibition in Athens and I was intrigued enough to buy this small selection of his poems from the museum gift shop His directness and often melancholic style appealed to me as did the inspiration he drew from ancient history.My favourites were, for obvious reasons, th

  8. Carlton Carlton says:

    There are some beautiful reflective poems here, including well known ones, such as Ithaca, Waiting for the Barbarians and The God abandoning Anthony These and others are about the Greek, Roman or Alexandrian ancient past, real or imagined However, the imagined epitaphs to lost ancient youths lose their charm from over use.There are also p

  9. EAL EAL says:

    I like his style clean, sparse Lovely writing I ve noticed that I tend to like poets earlier work better Perhaps it just resonates with me because I am young.Favorites Antony s Ending, The Footsteps, The God Abandons Antony, Ithaka, and As Much as You Can, this last one less for the prose than for the sentiment expressed therein I d have to na

  10. Adam O& Adam O& says:

    A collection of rather academic poetry mostly themed around ancient history While I enjoyed the austere feel of the poems, I feel they must have lost something in the process of translation Particular gems are the poems that describe homosexual life at the time of the poet these glimpses of illicit meetings or longings for beautiful young men in an

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